S1 Drama Competition
Date: 13 December 2013
Time: 2:55-3:50 pm (Life-wide Learning Lesson)
Objectives: 1. To strengthen students' English skills through drama
2. To enhance students' creativity, self-confidence and teamwork
Judge: Mr David Tobin, Education Development Advisor of Dramatic English
Our S1 students have drama classes once every week as part of our Language Arts Programme. They learn to enjoy the language, express themselves through drama and enhance confidence in the use of the language. Each group writes their own script with different endings of the original play "Magic Finger" and presents it in the Drama Competition in which every classmate participates.
A warm welcome to our special guests from Alliance Primary School, Whampoa
S1A Group 1 S1A Group 2 S1B Group 1 S1B Group 2
  Congratulations on their superb performance