Arts in Action 3
Date: 28 March 2014  
Time: 19:30 - 21:30  
Venue: School Hall  
Organizer: Arts Education Committee  
Sponsor: Parents and Teachers Association, PTMS  
The Pop Band welcomes guests
  Visual Arts Display  
MC for the show Cristy So and Gaby Chui
Zheng Ensemble ~ 「漁舟唱晚」
Wind Ensemble ~ ‘Sevilla’ – Albeniz Isaaz
Dramatic Duologue ~ ‘Alphabatical Order’ – Michel Frane
Choral Speaking in English ~ ‘At King Neptune’s Party’ – John Foster
  Chinese Dance ~「秋」  
Pop Dance~ ‘You’
Sand Animation~ ‘Creation and atonement’

Mini Musical ~ ‘The Story of Daniel’s Dangerous Dilemma’
Performed by School Choir, Musical and Percussion Band

Teachers, parents and performers sing with one cheerful voice - A Brand New Day
A truly memorable night for us all !