S3 Inter-class History Project Presentation Contest
Date : 16 May, 2014  
Time : 2:55 – 3:50 pm  
Venue : Lecture Theatre  
Judges : Ms Lau Lai Chun (Vice Principal)
Mr Tai Tze Lok (Panel Chairperson of History)
Ms Tsui Oi Yee Hidie (Teacher of Excel Programme)
Theme : Events in between the World Wars  
Objective : This is an English Across the Curriculum Project in which students use English to read and collect information on events between the two World Wars and present their interpretation in English using role-play, video and music.  
The Best History Presentation
S3A Paris Peace Conference & World War
The Best English
S3B The Holocaust
S3C Berlin Crisis II
The Best History Presentation
S3D Berlin Blockade