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Incorporated Management Committee 2021/22

The objectives of Pooi To Middle School Incorporated Management Committee aim to invite stakeholders including representatives of school sponsoring body, principal, members of the society, elected representatives of parents, teaching staff and alumni to take part in school decisions, so as to enhance transparency and accountability of school management to improve education quality of the school.
School Supervisor : Dr. Lee Shu-kam  
School Managers : Dr. Ho Kang-wai, Eddie Sponsoring Body Manager
  Mr. Tsang Ka-kau Sponsoring Body Manager
  Mr. Cheng Sing-yip Sponsoring Body Manager
  Mr. Leung Chi-hang Sponsoring Body Manager
  Dr. Lo Veng-cheong Sponsoring Body Manager
  Dr. Ng Hoi-yee, Iris Sponsoring Body Manager
  Mr. Wong Wai-man Sponsoring Body Manager
  Dr. Li Xiaoyi Independent Manager
  Ms. To Pui-yee Alumni Manager
  Ms Chung Pui-shan Parent Manager
  Ms. Leung Ngai-ching Alternate Parent Manager
  Ms. Constance Cheung Principal Ex-officio Manager
  Mr. Chan Chong-kuk Teacher Manager
  Ms. Chan Ying-ying Alternate Teacher Manager