19 May 2016

Dear Parents and Students,

The new school campus, completed in 2009, has greatly enhanced our learning and teaching environment. We are always striving for improvement and work has been ongoing to meet the constantly changing needs of a 21st century school. These include:

School wireless network
Participating in the WiFi900 program, the school has laid a wireless network for teachers and students to use, so that learning activities extend to every corner. It supports e-learning and makes the classroom more interactive.

The School-based junior STEM curriculum will be implemented next year. We are planning to install a STEM lab to fully replace the traditional computer room. STEM focuses more on creative thinking, computer applications, programming and innovative use of technology in the future development of the world.

NOTE: STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Upgraded Library
Library facilities have been upgraded with the addition of exhibition tables, leisure reading areas and extended reading rooms to facilitate the implementation of the morning reading school-based curriculum thus enhancing students' reading culture. In addition, we have increased the number of computers in the library to promote e-book and reading habits.

History and Culture Room
The History and Culture room has been enhanced by a thematic exhibition on Chinese and Western History and Culture, so that students gain a better understanding of the subject.

Art Gallery
The School is now preparing an art gallery, regularly updated to show different works and provide outreach activities, so that different students can observe or even touch works to inspire them through artistic expression of thoughts and feelings.

Screens on both sides of the Assembly Hall
Screens on both sides of the Assembly Hall enable students to watch clearly the activities on stage wherever they sit. It also helps subtitles and image display in a musical or big event.

Some work will be implemented from coming summer. We apologise for any inconvenience caused in advance.

Best regards,
Constance Cheung

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