23 June 2016

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for completing the year-end school survey. We have received 537 responses and the return rate was 83.9%. We are delighted to learn that the responses were very positive in all aspects of the major concerns of the school this year. The main findings are as follows:

Major Concern 1 : To build students' sense of responsibility Parents
  • The school focuses on enhancing the quality of students - "self-regulation", with particular attention to "personal responsibility." I agree that my daughter has grown in this quality.
  • During the school year, students start life-planning in junior forms to better understand themselves. I agree that my daughter has started setting her goals in life-planning. (For S1-S3 parents only, fill NA if necessary.)
  • In this school year, the school plans to help students setting goals in career development in senior forms, and to arouse their awareness of different  careers. I agree that my daughter can do her own career planning at the early stage. (For S4-S5 parents only, fill NA if necessary.)
Major Concern 2 : to unleash students potential and improve academic performance Parents
  • The academic atmosphere of the school has motivated my daughter to learn proactively.
  • The English-taught curriculum and activities at school have improved my daughters' English proficiency.
  • School-based teaching materials conducted in English lessons help students with different abilities. I agree that it can effectively improve my daughters' English proficiency.
Major Concern 3 : To streamline administrative work and improve the operation procedures Parents
  • The School parent’s apps, an electronic mode of communication, has effectively enhanced the communication support between stakeholders.
  • The School website with Chinese and English versions, can effectively communicate school information to parents and the public.

Remarks : 2.90 to 4 marks – Strongly agree, 2.50 to 2.90 – Agree, 1 to 2.50 marks – Disagree.

The data shows that parents agreed with major concerns of the school this year. (Scores of each question are higher than 2.90 points), especially the uniform test arrangement, parent’s app and school website.

In addition, I would like to thank parents' valued written advice and your words of appreciation for the school. We will consider it all very seriously and follow up where appropriate.

Best regards,
Constance Cheung

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