31 January 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Many kindergartens and primary schools have recently had to suspend classes in order to prevent the spread of influenza. The young kids will not be able to celebrate and participate in their school's New Year activities. In our school, even though the health of our students is currently stable, we still need to pay attention to their health. If you get a fever or upper respiratory infection, please take a rest at home until you have fully recovered. May God bless us with good health and peace.

On a more positive note, a festive atmosphere has enriched the whole campus as everyone prepares for the coming Lunar New Year celebrations this Friday. Different subject departments, committees and the PTA will set up booths for students to enjoy games and Chinese food. I hope in the coming Lunar New Year Festival, students will maintain good health and have an abundance of enjoyable moments with their families and friends.

In a previous parents’ letter (09/18), we invited parents to give suggestions on their daughter's learning and school development, so that we can continue to provide a better learning environment. I would like to thank parents for their sincere and constructive suggestions. Your acknowledgements encourage us to continue providing the best possible nurture for our girls. Here are some observations, thoughts and comments from parents:

  • I hope that my daughter will study hard at school, improve her studies, and grow up joyfully.
  • The progress of my daughter's learning has been greatly improved. I would like to thank all the teachers.
  • The school is extremely helpful to our daughter.
  • Love and care are very important, and I sincerely thank the teachers for their care and guidance.
  • Thanks to the teachers for their heartfelt teaching over the past year, I hope that my daughter will make more progress in the New Year.
  • Thanks to the school for their continuous improvement in teaching.


In addition, there are also parents' opinions on the school's handling of Delonix Regia as follows:

  • Thanks to the old Delonix Regia guarding Pooi To. We will always miss you!
  • Although it is a pity, for the purpose of safety we have to protect the people.

Besides the above, we have also received suggestions for individual cases regarding the protection of privacy. The Vice Principal, Ms Wong Sau-ching, and I will follow up on this case by case. In addition, some parents have the following suggestions:

  • I hope to have more opportunities to communicate between parents and teachers on the students’ school life.
  • Schools should improve the teaching in order to help improve the overall school and student performance.
  • I hope that the teachers will give students less homework during the long holidays, so that the students can really enjoy the holiday and relax.

We agree that home-school cooperation is important. One way we try to embrace this is by offering parents of newly-admitted students a parents’ talk followed by a meeting with class teachers. In addition to this, we provide an annual PTA AGM followed by a meeting between parents and class teachers, an annual parents’ meeting for report card distribution, and different talks for parents of S1, S2 and S3 students are also provided to ensure parents get updated information about the school. Bi-weekly parents’ letters are also a strong channel of communication with parents. Of course, if parents have individual needs, the class teachers are always welcome to contact the parents directly to provide any additional support.

In addition, the school emphasizes teaching effectiveness. Teachers are continually provided with professional development both inside and outside of the school. This year we are focusing on the importance of questioning skills in the classroom, optimizing English teaching, self-learning, and teacher-student interaction, so that students can learn better in the classroom and they can consolidate the learning after school or during long holidays.

Last not be least, I would like to congratulate Yaqiao of 6A and Raini Ng of 6B, who won the 2018/19 Sir Edward Youde Scholarship to recognize their efforts in the past. Besides, another good news is from Moon Cho of 5B, Mia Leung and Grace Wong of 5A who enter the final in “Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation”. They will be offered a chance to explore the environmental and geological conservation in Guizhou, China from 12 to 15 April. Keep it up!

I wish you all a Happy New Year of the Pig, and hope it is full of joy and peace every day!


Best regards,
Constance Cheung

“Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”
(Acts 20:35)