9 May 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Pooi To has always supported the development of performing arts. This year is the 13th year of our “Arts in Action” festival, showcasing students' learning achievements throughout the year, including: a crossover between the orchestra and fashion show, and winners’ performances in the 2018/19 Hong Kong Speech Festival, Hong Kong Dance Festival and Hong Kong Music Festival. The highlight of the festival was of course the English musical "Singin' in the Rain". We had more than 200 teachers and students participating on stage and behind the scenes. Students were able to maximize their potential in different areas. We attach great importance to the culture of "Sisters mentoring", so that junior girls can observe and learn from the seniors to strive for excellence in aesthetic development. After all, we strongly believe that our vision "Encouraging growth for all" should be passed on.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who supported "Arts in Action", including the primary schools, secondary schools, our sister schools, our teachers, our students, parents and alumni of the Pooi To Family. The two shows on April 26 were successfully completed. Our guests, who enjoyed our creative ideas and were left amazed by the wonderful and fantastic performances, gave an incredible round of applause to show their appreciation. Thank you!

Pooi To always attaches great importance on moral, academic, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual development. The knowledge and skills learnt in class can be applied in different learning experiences, in order to equip and prepare students for the challenges of the Twenty-First Century.

If the function of school is to only focus on the knowledge and skills taught in the classroom, then schools can gradually be replaced by the Internet as it offers the same function. As long as you learn how to search and select information from the Internet, diversified information can be self-studied online. With that in mind, how can schools reform under the paradigm shift in education?

Students are future leaders. Good leadership relies heavily on a balance of elevated awareness and decisiveness. Without a grounded understanding of themselves and a solid moral compass to guide them, many leaders succeed at being aware and decisive but do not succeed. Having mental and moral qualities is what character is all about. School education attaches not only academic excellence or STEM / PSHE cross-curriculum cooperation, but also prepares the students of today to be courageous, open, compassionate, empathetic to people and also resilient for an uncertain future.

Character building for students is a strong emphasis in Pooi To. An example of this is the aesthetic development in the “Arts in Acton” Programme. We actively mentor, stimulate, provoke and engage our students in a holistic nurturing environment. We aim to inculcate in our students the values of Love, Respect, Integrity, Purity, Perseverance, Innovation and Collaboration. We are fully aware of our responsibility in helping the students develop their character. The world of the future depends on the leaders of tomorrow.

To better understand parents’ feedback on Pooi To education and development, I would invite you to express your opinion on the school. Let’s walk hand in hand to equip our future leaders with everything they need for success.


Best regards,
Constance Cheung

“Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus.”
(Philippians 2:5)