23 May 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

As the end of the school year draws near, we are blessed that we have experienced the harvest, joy, hard times and regrets. We thank God for providing us with an abundant supply, and for leading the way in self-consciousness, exploration, enhancement and self-realization.

Pooi To always attaches importance to experiential learning. It helps extending students’ learning outside of the classroom, developing students’ leadership skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking and problem solving skills through real-world experiences. Some of the opportunities that we provide yearly include “Arts in Action”, geography field trips, growth camps, an extended learning day and overseas exchanges, so that students increase personal development and build a sense of achievement for reaching their goals.

In addition, students actively participate in different inter-school activities and competitions, which help them to learn from others and live a positive life to its fullest. Their participation and performances in a number of activities this year were both encouraging and inspirational.

In the ‘70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival’, two S.3 teams entered the Chinese Choral Speaking competition coming in Second and Third place, while one of our S.2 teams were Champions and the other came Third in the English Choral Speaking competition. Bravo! In the area of creative writing, Anna Wong of S5 won the Gold Award in the ‘2018-2019 National Secondary School Essay Competition’ and got Second Place in ‘The 43rd Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competition (Competition Section)’. Winnie Chan of S2 got the Elite Bronze Award in the Chinese Language Elite Programme organized by the Gifted Education Section of EDB. In the reading promotion, Esther Lee of S5 was Awarded “The Harvard Book Prize”, while S1, S2 and S3 students achieved Third place in the ‘Battle of the Books Final’. Congratulations!

In the area of Geography, Moon Cho, Mia Leung and Grace Wong of S5 won the Gold Award in the “Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation”. They could participate in a study trip to Yandangshan UNESCO Global Geopark (Wenzhou City, Zhejiang), to explore more issues related to environmental and geological conservation in China. Amazing!

In Sports development, the basketball team finished in Fifth place in the Inter-school (Division 1) Basketball Competition, while our cross country team have continued to stay in Division 1. In the Inter-school (Division 3) Swimming Competition, our team were the overall Champions. Our Badminton Team won the Championship in Grade C of the Inter-school (Division 3) Badminton Competition, while our volleyball team again came Second in Grade C of the Inter-school (Division 3) Volleyball Competition. Well done! The school team's performance continues to improve, with perseverance and confidence.

In the area of service and leadership, our voluntary team won the Gold Award for the Community Service Group organized by the Social Welfare Department, while Jada Chung of S5 won an individual Bronze Award. Besides, Yoyo Chung of S5, together with Kate Mak and Queenie Chui of S6 were the overall Champions in the ‘Red Cross Best Service Theme Project Competition 2017/18’ with another school. Furthermore, Cindy Lau, Ann Lee, Vina Tang and Yenny Yu of S5 got the Silver Award in ‘The Hong Kong Award for Young People’. Last but not least, Congratulations to Moon Cho of S5, who won the Kowloon City District Outstanding Student Award (Senior Section) this year.

In aesthetic development, Hebe Cheng and Jasmine Liu won the Creative Award at the 11th Youth Visual Art Exhibition 2019. In 2018, Joyce Chong (Graduate of 2018) was granted the Grantham Scholarships Fund for Visual Arts for her extraordinary achievement in visual arts DSE SBA. Besides, our Chinese Dance Club won the Highly Recommended Award in the Chinese Dance (Secondary Section) of the ‘55th Schools Dance Festival’. Our Drama Team got several awards including Outstanding Performers, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Stage Effects, Outstanding Script, Outstanding Cooperation and Commendable Overall Performance in the ‘Hong Kong School Drama Festival’. Our school choir took Third place in the in the Intermediate Girls’ Choir Section of the ‘71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival’. Congratulations also to our A cappella Team, who won the Silver Award and Bronze Award in the School Division - Vocal Band and Choir Ensemble respectively. Fantastic!!

We can see that our students have equal opportunities to participate in different extended learning experiences in order to shine like gems. We encourage parents to support them and give them courage to persist in their academics and other activities, regardless of whether they are experiencing joy and laughter or sadness and tears. Even if their results do not reach their expectations, the progress of learning should give the girls energy and courage to improve themselves.


Best regards,
Constance Cheung

“You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”
(Matthew 5:48)