12 Decemebr 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Watoto Care Children's Ministry responds to the needs of thousands of orphans and helpless women in Uganda, rescues them from difficulties, gives them an excellent academic education, practical skills, ethics and values, and nurtures them to be responsible Christians. It guides them to become contributing Ugandan citizens and trains them to become leaders and use their skills to rebuild their country. Most of the children of the Watoto Choir are orphans. They cherish this opportunity very much, because this may be the only chance in their life time to leave Africa for half a year and see the world while building their faith, hope and love in God.

The Watoto Choir have been performing an Asian tour this year under the theme "We Will Go". Our teachers and students were lucky enough to see them perform in our School Hall on Thursday, 5th December. We enjoyed seeing their joyful faces and shining smiles. Every single child on stage had experienced a very difficult and tragic period of bewilderment at some point in their life, but their faith and trust in God gives them the inner joy and strength needed to get through their hardships.

Recalling the difficult times we have faced in Hong Kong, we have also experienced confusion, worry, and anger. From a human perspective, we don’t know whether the wound can be healed. However, what our people cannot do, our God can do. God’s grace and power through this group of little African angels reminds us that He can reconcile a broken heart. God, through the beautiful hymns of the Watoto Choir, sent us positive energy and synergy so that we can put down our burdens and be relieved of our suppressed emotions. It enables us to comfort our soul, and to praise God for His wonderful miracles and opportunities given to the African children in the Watoto Choir. When faced with any challenges and difficulties, may we believe that “We Will Go” to build and uplift more hearts together.

Despite the class suspension and early dismissal over previous months, our girls were still well prepared for the 71st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. We are delighted to share the news that our S.2B class won the “Choral Speaking” category, coming in First Place. They demonstrated their competence in speaking and presentation. Their impressive performance of ‘Forgiven’, by A. A. Milne, won an excited round of applause from the adjudicators and the audience. To add to this, our S.1A class achieved Third Place in the drama based “Words with Movements” category. They performed ‘The Three Little Pigs’, in which they used a variety of instruments such as the violin, the trumpet and the oboe, along with a number of colourful props and costumes, to deliver a dramatic showing of Roald Dahl’s alternative and quirky version of the poem. Congratulations!

Finally, I would like to thank all the parents and children for attending the S.1 Admission Briefing Session, which was held on 7th December. We were at full capacity in the School Hall and the atmosphere was incredibly warm. We introduced our school history, vision, characteristics and latest developments. The visitors admired the many platforms provided for students to tap into and unleash their potential. Although the school campus could not open fully due to the current social situation, the visitors were able to enjoy a well-rounded dramatic duologue display, along with an entertaining a capella performance. Our whole-person development approach was highly appreciated. Parents and students were very satisfied with our arrangements and the hospitality. Thank you very much for your support.


Best regards,
Constance Cheung

Let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe.
(Hebrews 12:28)