16 May 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

In April, the school social worker conducted a survey about the emotional status of our students during the pandemic. It included understanding what students usually do on a daily basis during the suspension period. We were grateful to learn that most of the students have been taking their studies seriously (online learning / homework). There are also many students who use electronic products for entertainment and self-exploration. In terms of mental health and studying, more than half of the students said their emotional state has remained stable, and some even feel slightly better. However, there are also some students whose emotional states are slightly worse than before, which we are concerned about. The survey also tells us that most students’ fears are about catching up with the syllabus and being infected with COVID19, and that more than half of them worry about sudden financial changes in their household, fewer opportunities to contact friends and increased conflicts within their family. Therefore, most students want to resume classes, hoping to catch up with the progress of learning, enjoy face-to-face learning, and see their teachers and classmates.

We understand that many families are facing financial difficulties over the lockdown period, and that this may result in students having difficulties with online learning at home. We have been working with the Student Growth Team and social workers to provide instantaneous help to those who need it. For instance, the school has provided an iPad lending service. To add to that, the Youth Association and the Hong Kong Children’s Association launched the "Learning at Home Broadband Support Program", which has provided 171 free SIM cards to our students in need. Some donors have even given new computers to those students who need them, free of charge. In addition, 3 students successfully applied for 2 years of free broadband from a scheme that is designed to help students continue to study while classes are suspended. We are also actively looking for different types of assistance, such as charities or funds that support families who are unemployed or under-employed during the pandemic. Feel free to call 2336 1706 to speak to Ms. Pang, the Head of the Student Growth Team, or contact one of the social workers to enquire about possible economic relief that may be available.

We understand that another concern is the academic pressure that students face due to the suspension of classes. Therefore, after the resumption of classes, we will provide extra counseling workshops in the class teacher period and world-wide learning period for students to share their emotions. We will listen to their difficulties and try to find ways to help them relieve stress and handle challenges with a positive attitude. If necessary, they will be referred to the Student Growth Team and our social workers for follow-up.

It is important to remember that there may already be people with an invisible transmission of the new coronavirus. We hope that both parents and students actively cooperate with the school’s measures. As the resumption of classes is approaching, we have to ensure that everyone can return to the campus under safe conditions. Due to the pandemic, S.5 students can’t come and support the S.6 schoolmates in their Graduation Ceremony this year. Instead, the Student Union will express their gratitude to graduates during the ceremony. Besides, the graduate is only allowed to be accompanied by a maximum of two family members to ensure the social distancing.

Staff will be in school for meetings from 22, 25– 26 May. So the online teaching will be cancelled over these three days. Parents are reminded that the S5 Final Examinations will be held from 22 June to 8 July, with S1 to S4 sitting their exams from 26 June to 8 July. The examination timetable and the coverage of the examination for each subject are attached. May parents please urge their daughter(s) to study hard during the remaining class suspension period so that students can prepare well for the examination and do their best.

I hope that with the efforts of all parties, we will return to a normal and healthy life as soon as possible!

Best regards,
Constance Cheung

“Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.”
(Romans 12:17)