4 June 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

The staff meetings before the resumption of classes on May 22, 25 & 26 informed teachers of the school’s measures to prevent COVID-19 on campus and to ensure that both students and staff are hygienic, safe and protected from infection while on school grounds. In addition, each subject conducted a well prepared panel meeting to facilitate the discussion of the teaching progress and an assessment of the online classroom in detail in order to ensure a smooth transition from online teaching back to in-classroom lessons. From the beginning of the class resumption on May 27, we have focused mainly on consolidating students’ online learning. It will be followed by completing the revised scheme of work of the syllabus for students to prepare for the coming examinations.

Since the resumption of classes on May 27, teaching and learning have been going well and both teachers and students are healthy. I would like to thank our teachers for being pioneers in providing online classrooms at a very early period of the pandemic outbreak so that the teaching progress was close to normal. The students’ learning is gradually getting back to normal. We are very much looking forward to June 8 when we welcome back the S1 and S2 girls. We will continue to have a safe and clean campus and a new beginning!

However, although the epidemic has subsided, invisible carriers are still present. I call on everyone to be careful, don’t take it lightly, wear masks, wash your hands regularly and check your temperature. If you have clinical manifestations such as a respiratory tract infection, dry cough, fever, fatigue, etc., do not go to school, but go to the clinic for treatment. You are also encouraged to get tested for the new coronavirus to ensure good health.

Over the past four months, we may have worried about ourselves and our loved ones being infected by the virus. A combination of these worries and long term isolation has created issues with mental health, negative emotions, anxiety and the feeling of helplessness. If you are experiencing any of these, please do not hesitate to find help from family, friends, teachers or social workers. We also encourage positive thinking and approaching situations from different perspectives in order to keep yourself calm and objective, so that you do not allow negative thoughts to drag you down or aggravate anxiety. Moreover, remember that the storm will pass, think proactively, don’t live off of the past, but look to the future and strive towards your goals. The Bible records that when the Israelites left Egypt they could have been going to Canaan the whole time; but they turned around and it took thirty-eight years. In the 40th year of Exodus, they eventually reached Canaan. Therefore, instead of focusing on the obstacles in front of us and allowing them to alter our direction, we must continue to pursue our goal, and the goal of life can push us forward to keep making progress. Just as in the morning assembly today, where Assistant Principal To Pui Fung shared Michael Hyatt’s KISS Plan, which can help you to check the progress of your goals.


  • to make a list of good habits that allows you to recognize and appreciate the results


  • to make a program on how to improve things already present in your life


  • to focus on what you want to bring into your life


  • to help you understand what has become too much and can become a weight that does not allow you to move forward in bringing happiness to your life

I hope that from this point onwards we can all have a new start.

May God bless us.

Constance Cheung

“The anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”
(James 1:20)