19 November 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12)

This year we have faced many difficulties and adversities, with the outbreak of COVID-19 alone causing many people in Hong Kong to experience a roller coaster of emotions. Since the first case in January, Hong Kong citizens generally began wearing masks and this combined with social restrictions such as class suspensions, working from home and limited numbers for gatherings has seen Hong Kong effectively curb the outbreaks. However, COVID-19 is still erupting and is still a danger to many countries around the world, with Hong Kong continuing to have cases of unknown origins. We cannot be complacent or reckless. Schools are places where students and staff gather in groups, which gives an opportunity for infectious diseases to easily spread through interpersonal communication and close contact. If those with mild or invisible symptoms can be isolated and treated as soon as possible, and the patient's condition can be controlled as early as possible, then reducing school and/or community transmission becomes much easier.

Since November to March is the peak time for seasonal influenza, we are prone to complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia. If we suffer from the flu and COVID-19 at the same time, we may have an even more serious illness, which could lead to death. We must not take it lightly.

It is essential that we take precautions. Parents must take their daughter's temperature every day and pay attention to her daughter's mental and physical condition. If her daughter has any irregularities or respiratory infections, she should not go to class, avoid going to crowded places, and consult a doctor as soon as possible. If your daughter has a fever or an upper respiratory tract infection, arrange for her to be tested for COVID-19 and be treated as soon as possible. As mentioned above, we are entering flu season. Vaccinating family members with an influenza vaccine is an effective way to prevent seasonal influenza and its complications. It can also reduce the chance of hospitalization and the risk of serious illness stemming from the flu.

After entering the school building, students and staff must perform the following four steps: wear a mask, walk across the sanitizing carpet, rub their hands with sanitizer, and take have their temperature taken. They can also take their temperature at one of the temperature measuring devices situated on each floor at any time. If they feel unwell, especially if they have symptoms of the flu, they should immediately notify the teacher or the administrative staff. Students will rest in the sick room and arrange to be picked up by family members to see a doctor. The health of each member of our Pooi To Family is more important than anything else, because you are the gems of God.

When we encounter difficulties, we must face them with a positive attitude, be joyful in hope, and be patient in adversity, because patience and perseverance are the key to overcoming difficulties. Those who can endure and persevere can overcome difficulties with a positive attitude. However, they can only continue to endure and work hard every day by relying on the Lord to give them strength to bravely face difficulties and temptation. The epidemic will surely pass one day. As long as we continue to have hope, maintain our personal hygiene and have an attitude of taking care of ourselves and others, the Lord will walk with us and give us peace. He will guide us safely through the difficulties the world presents.

Due to the sudden turn of the epidemic, changes will also be made to school events. On November 21st, the parent meeting on the S3 Choice of Subjects will be changed to a ZOOM event, and on December 5, the S1 admissions briefing session will broadcast live on the school website. Details for both events will be announced soon. In addition, the Sports Days on November 23 and 25 have been cancelled and normal classes will be held instead using the Tuesday and Wednesday timetable respectively. November 24 is still a holiday, so everyone has a day off.

The results of the Uniform Test Week will be distributed by the class teacher on November 19 for S1 to S5 students, while S6 students will receive the report at their Parent-Teacher Meeting on November 21. Remember that we do not value the results, but the students’ reflection and action on their performance. What is there to be appreciated? What can be improved and strengthened? We must face our own shortcomings positively, establish plans for improvement, and set the next goal. With patience and perseverance in learning, continuous improvement, regular drilling, humbly seeking help, you will broaden your academic horizons and eventually make an improvement. Regardless of whether your results are satisfactory, it is your response that matters. Never stop trying and never give up.

Best regards,
Constance Cheung

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”
(Romans 12:12)