27 May 2021

Dear Parents and Students,

Compared with Zoom lessons, face to face education is an important element for learning, allowing students to concentrate and apply what they have learned in school life, strengthen communication skills, enhance language confidence, and maintain a high level of learning effectiveness. However, recall the number of school days in 2020 (January 1 to November 14, 2020), there were only 30 days for S1, 41 days for S2 and S3, and around 49 to 55 days for S4 to S6. In this learning and teaching environment of the new normal, I would like to thank our teachers and students for their resilience, strong determination, high spirit, strong bond, infinite love and abundance of passion to overcome the challenges to learning.

The teachers and students of our school were highly recognized from the external school review in 2020. Our school’s vision “Encouraging growth for all” drives the student-centered policy on learning that has been implemented. The whole school has built a strong learning community. Praise from the review team also includes the high quality of the whole-person development policy in spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic education, as outlined below.


  • It is a Christian school with a long history. It is affirmed that the school has a strong religious atmosphere; the relationship between teachers and students, schoolmates is cordial; a strong sense of belonging to the school; and the campus is full of love.


  • It is affirmed that the school systematically arranges civic education, "Basic Law" education, positive education and other cross-disciplinary value education learning activities through the collaboration of different disciplines and groups. It cultivates students' positive values ​​and attitudes.
  • It is affirmed that the school is taking the six key PERMAH education courses in the right direction, combining the three qualities of continuous cultivation of introspection, responsibility and respect, and designing courses at all levels in an orderly manner and promoting them in order.
  • It is affirmed that the school attaches great importance to the life planning education of students, and deliberately integrates life planning education elements into the school curriculum during the development cycle.
  • It is affirmed that the school's resource planning covers five basic learning experiences, including: intellectual development, moral and civic education, social services, physical and aesthetic development, and work-related experience activities to promote whole-person development.


  • It is affirmed that the school reviews the different subjects and courses of junior high schools in accordance with the main updated focus of the "Secondary Education Curriculum Guidelines" (2017) and the curriculum guidelines for different learning areas, and the practices are appropriate to match the direction of curriculum development.
  • The school has a solid foundation for development. In recent years, it has actively promoted bilingual education and cultivated students to be good at both Chinese and English. Students have a high degree of plasticity and gradually build self-confidence by participating in co-curricular activities. The school is organized by a Language Across Curriculum team to coordinate cross-curricular language learning, and collaborate with teachers of non-language subjects in junior high schools to optimize school-based learning materials for each subject. In the classroom, students, with the encouragement of teachers, have the courage to use English to express and answer questions.
  • It is affirmed that the school appropriately strengthens the education of the Basic Law in junior high school subjects, enriches the subjects related to the Basic Law in Chinese history, history, geography and life and social studies, and designs interdisciplinary investigation activities to deepen students' relationship between Hong Kong and the country.
  • It is affirmed that the school responds to the recommendations of the Curriculum Development Council, and at the same time ensures that the content of the curriculum allows students to gain a broader and balanced learning experience, so as to help them build a solid knowledge base and smoothly connect to high school learning.
  • There is an appreciation of the school's design of diversified interdisciplinary learning and co-curricular activities, as well as overseas exchanges and service learning. There is also a life-wide learning time every week, activities covering art, subject investigation, career planning, etc.; and morning assemblies, religious classes, special activities, etc., to help students establish positive values. The overall arrangement can enrich the five basic learning experiences of students.
  • It is affirmed that the school attaches great importance to the study of Chinese history and Chinese culture, such as cross-disciplinary field trips through Chinese history, history and geography; and also organizes cross-curricular activities such as the "Apprenticeship and Art Gown Cultural Inheritance Project" to allow students to experience traditional culture firsthand . The Chinese History Department sponsors a joint school "Drama in Chinese History for e-Learning Program" to allow students to appreciate the outstanding aspects of Chinese culture and further enhance their national identity.
  • It is affirmed that the effectiveness of the school's promotion of STEM education, and establish a school-based STREAM curriculum this year to cultivate students' abilities in problem-solving, creativity and self-learning through interdisciplinary learning.
  • It is affirmed that the school has achieved enrollment rates that are in line with local bachelor degree programs and sub-degree programs, which are higher than the percentage of all day school candidates in Hong Kong. Based on the admission standards of the school, the school has performed well in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination in the past three years.

Physical, Aesthetic

  • It was appreciated that the school gives all junior high school students the opportunity to participate in sports and art-related learning activities to achieve the goal of "one person, one art". Some students even explore their personal interests and extend their potential through participation in activities.
  • It is affirmed that the school is committed to providing opportunities for students to showcase their learning achievements, such as the annual "Dancing Voice". It also pays attention to reflections after student activities and cooperates with teachers' guidance and explanations to deepen students' learning from experience.
  • It is affirmed that the school encourages students to participate in off-campus competitions in different areas, and the results are encouraging.


  • The school plans a wealth of all-round and leadership training activities to develop students' talents and cultivate leadership qualities, so that they can show their talents in different positions with good results.
  • The school attaches great importance to leadership training. Through a three-tier implementation model, students are given appropriate training and practical opportunities to develop their leadership skills.
  • It is affirmed that the school’s regular activities can strengthen the leadership role of students, such as organizing social activities to strengthen the unity of the same level, arranging school political forums to collect students’ questions and opinions, and allowing the school to respond and follow up.

Keeping pace with the times, cherishing opportunities, and striving to cultivate students are commendable. We believe that this achievement is from the root of the school self-evaluation cycle mechanism at all levels being effectively implemented, and that all stakeholders have the opportunity to fully understand the school policy. The school will continue to strive for excellence, to foster the school's sustainable development, and to optimize the learning outcomes. Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to the effect of the external review team. Parents can contact Ms Noven Wu at 2336 1706 to read the report.

Best regards,
Constance Cheung

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)