13 July 2021

Dear Parents and Students,

Throughout this academic year, we have been alternating between online and face-to-face lessons.

Our new normal for learning and teaching started with an online opening ceremony on September 1. Classes resumed and students were gradually introduced to the school campus between September 16 and 29, and the revised timetable meant the new school day was from 8:05 to13:20. However, the pandemic worsened, and the fourth wave of the epidemic was immediately triggered. Schools suspended face-to-face classes and school activities from December 2 until the Christmas holidays. After the holidays, the Education Bureau allowed up to one level of students to go back to school for half day sessions (morning or afternoon) for face-to-face classes or exams.

We first let S6 students back on campus so that they could prepare for their mock and DSE exams. From February 22, when the Education Bureau allowed schools to have up to two levels of students at school, S5 students returned with S1-S4 rotating their turn in school on a daily basis, with students not in school continuing to learn online. Thank God COVID-19 had started slowed down in Hong Kong. The Education Bureau announced on March 17 that, except for the suspension of face-to-face classes from April 26 to 30 and May 3, due to the DSE, the number of students attending face-to-face classes could be up to 4 levels of students at a time. We chose S1, S3 and S5 students to return to school every day, while S2 and S4 students returned to school every other day. We thank God that the infection rates have dropped and things are generally returning to normal. We were then pleased to hear that the Education Bureau announced that all schools in Hong Kong could resume face-to-face classes from May 24, 2021, and that teachers and students could eventually meet again at school.

Resuming classes means that we have defeated another wave of the pandemic. However, looking back at each wave, we have learnt that we need to continue to be vigilant and not just wait for another wave to come without any precaution. Moreover, it also teaches us how to cherish life, protect ourselves and love others. At present, vaccinations are also a practice of loving oneself and loving others. A joint-school vaccination programme has been organized by TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College, La Salle College, Munsang College, Bishop Jubilee Secondary School and Pooi To Middle School. The first dose of the vaccination will be on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, while the second dose will be on Wednesday, August 4, 2021from 13:45 – 15:15 in the hall of TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College. I encourage students to make an appointment online at https://booking.covidvaccine.gov.hk/forms/index_tc.jsp. If you can’t make these dates, you can go to the community center to get the vaccine. Seize the opportunity to be a responsible citizen.

Speaking of how we conduct ourselves as citizens, it is important to remember that life belongs to God and is given by God. No one has the right to take away the lives of others. Any act of violence, incitement or glorification of violence are against the truth and teachings of the Bible. The Bible is inspired by God and is beneficial for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for instruction. The Bible says: "You should use all wisdom to store the doctrine of Christ richly in your heart. Use poems, hymns, and spiritual songs to teach each other, exhort each other, and your heart will sing praises to God by grace. No matter what you do, say, or We must act in the name of the Lord Jesus and thank God the Father through him.” (Colossians 3:17) Because we are the testimony of God living in the world, we are no longer living for ourselves, and should not be selfish and naive. Think twice before you act, otherwise, you will only live in sin. Therefore, in the face of adversity, we must keep God's commandments and live our life testimony to glorify God.

I would like to end by mentioning the summer vacation that is approaching. Apart from staying in Hong Kong to prevent an increase in infection rates, students should also establish a regular timetable to review what they have learnt over this year and prepare for next year. Besides, it is a great opportunity to read regularly and enhance your ability to self-regulate your learning. Remember to reduce online entertainment, and instead, do more exercise to build a healthy life. Refresh yourself and prepare to meet the challenges of the new school year.

Best regards,
Constance Cheung

“If we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”
(Romans 8:25)