20 January 2022

Dear Parents and Students,

Over this two-year pandemic, we have faced obstacles with the determination and resilience of a tiger. And as we enter the Year of the Tiger, I hope we can stay healthy and strong.

Compared with many other countries and regions, Hong Kong has been a blessed land over these years. I would like to express sincere gratitude to the government, medical staff and citizens for their concerted efforts in fight against COVID. Even though the pandemic is not "completely under control", it is still under supervision. It may be due to the fact that in the past Hong Kong people have experienced SARS, so they are aware that wearing masks and sanitizing their hands are important steps to stop the spreading of the virus. This is different to citizens in other countries, where some prioritize their own freedom and personal concern over public concern, not to mention ignoring experts’ recommendations regarding the wearing of N95 masks.

There are still cases with unknown origin and different hidden transmission chains in Hong Kong. We must continue to persevere through the uncertainty so that we can finally overcome the pandemic. You must know that many countries with severe COVID cases not only lock down the city, but because so many people are infected, the medical systems have also collapsed and the patients have to stay at home because they cannot be admitted to hospital.

We have learned to face and deal with changes over these years. Some examples are the mode of shopping and leisure, the perspective of observing things, interpersonal communication, education, working modes, etc. Things are constantly changing, and these changes may remain for some time. During this pandemic, we have learned to be alert in a crisis, make risk assessments, know how to deal with crises, hear our soul and feelings, take care of others, live a simple life, and face challenges with a positive attitude. In short, we have learned to face the pandemic by staying positive and spreading love.

In the past two years, we have learned that the symptoms of colds should not be ignored. Because the symptoms of colds and COVID are similar, we should conduct tests as soon as possible when symptoms arise. As more people are injected with vaccines or boosters, the effects of infection have become milder.

The government has tightened social distancing measures until the third day of the Lunar New Year, which will undoubtedly bring some inconvenience to the festivities, and also make the newly recovered economy face a harsh winter again, but as the Bible says, "God is our refuge. Therefore, it is our strength, our help in times of trouble. Therefore, although the Earth changes, although the mountains sway to the heart of the sea, although the waters in them are surging and tossing, and the mountains tremble because of the rising seas, we are not afraid” (Psalm 46:1-3). As long as we know that God is with us, God will always open a new way for us in difficult years, and help us to learn with perseverance and patience and equip ourselves accordingly. Trust in God. Wishing you a Year of the Tiger full of vitality, bravery, and generosity.

Best regards,
Constance Cheung

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”
(John 13:35)