S1 Drama Competition


Drama is an important component of our Language Arts Programme. Through drama, students learn to express themselves and build confidence in their communication skills. Recently S.1 took part in a drama competition. Each class wrote different endings to stories such as, “The Magic Finger”, “Oliver Twist”, “Lizzie Zipmouth” and “Matilda”. They then performed their original adaptations on stage. The creative scripts and vivid performances were greatly appreciated by the adjudicator, Mr Man Cheung from Dramatic English.



Best Actress

Ching Wai-ki, Connie Tsang

Best Supporting Actress

Ng Cheuk-ting, Cheung Ka-yi

Best Props & Sound Effects

S.1D (Nos. 1-13)

Best Costumes Design

S.1B (Nos. 1-17)

Best Team Work

S.1B (Nos. 18-33)

Best Drama

S.1C (Nos. 16-30)