Qipao Fashion Show


Having designed and created their own qipao under the guidance of qipao masters and artists through the apprenticeship programme, students modeled their outfits and walked gorgeously and confidently on the catwalk. Their designs were full of the features of traditional Chinese fashion culture and their own unique creativity. As a result of their total dedication and strenuous efforts, they staged an exceptionally wonderful show which showcased their many talents and enriched their learning experience.


The New Talent Fashion Award      
S2 Lam Hei Tung

The Best Scored Fashion Award      
S5 Chong Nga Ching

My Favourite Fashion Award        
S5 Ip Cheuk Ning

The Most Attractive Fashion Award   
S5 Lum Sum Yuen

The Most Creative Fashion Award   
S3 Cheung Wai Kwan