S.1 Drama Competition


Date: 14 December 2018

Our S.1 students had a drama class once every week as part of our Language Arts Programme. They learnt to enjoy language, express themselves through drama and enhance confidence in the use of the language. During the competition, they were acting out different scenes from the story of Matilda. It is a story of a little girl who has special powers, which allow her to stand up to the bullies in her life. Everyone used their own special powers to put on an incredible show! The adjudicator, Mr. Luke Yick from Dramatic English, was also impressed by their vivid performances and teamwork.

Best Actress

Chincco Lai

Best Supporting Actress

Keli But

Best Use of Props

Julianna Chi

Most Comedic Actress

Carmen Lui

Best Overall Group

S.1C (Nos. 1-14)

Best PowerPoint & Sound Effects

S.1B (Nos. 18-34)

Best Use of Space

S.1B (Nos. 1-17)

Best Props & Costumes

S.1A (Nos. 1-17)