Fiddler On The Roof

26-27 March 2015

Prayer before the show Kathy Chan and Odelia Yue
host the show
Percussion Prelude
School Show ~ 26 March afternoon
Pooi To Primary School join us to enjoy an afternoon of togetherness, embraced by love and music in celebration of our school anniversary.

Show for Primary Schools ~ 27 March afternoon

10 primary schools participate in this musical story about tradition and love.
Participating schools:

Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School
Oblate Primary School
Kowloon Tong Bishop Walsh Catholic School
Baptist Rainbow Primary School
Alliance Primary School, Whampoa
Farm Road Government Primary School
Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School (Hung Hom Bay)
Hong Kong Baptist Convention Primary School
HHCKLA Buddhist Wisdom Primary School
Bishop Walsh Primary School

Warm welcome to our visitors
Interactive activities by our NET, Mr John Hone

VIP Night – sponsored by Pooi To Parents

People come from everywhere to enjoy the musical and most of all, to express their love and support for our school of 127 years. Parents host a cocktail reception to welcome guests including education and business partners, past teachers, alumnae, parents and friends of our school



Opening Address delivered by Vice-Chairperson of PTA, Ms Elizabeth Chan

Tevye, Golde,his wife and his five daughters live in the traditional village of Anatevka while all around them the Russian revolution is changing everything. The older generation fear this change as they cling to traditions that have been handed down through the generations. As his daughters fall in love and want to get married, tradition and modernity clash and Tevye has to choose between the ancient Jewish custom of arranged marriage and the new ideas coming from outside. Despite the hardships and the turmoil the villagers have a hard and happy life rejoicing in music and in each other’s company but they learn, as everybody must, that you have to adapt to survive.
As Tevye says, “Every one of us is a fiddler on the roof, trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking his neck.”
In other words, life is a balancing act; a precarious journey filled with challenges (like that of a fiddler trying to stay on the roof without falling), but also containing a share of pleasure and happiness. 
The traditional Jewish music played by the fiddler reminds Tevye of his belief that it is "Tradition" that allows him to maintain his balance. However, the changing world in which Tevye finds himself makes it almost impossible for him to continue to do things according to "Tradition."


Students shine on stage. A truly memorable night for us all!


A Word from the Principal


“Tradition is very precious for a school of 127 years, but we live in a new world, so like Tevye, we have our dilemmas and struggles as we nurture our younger generation.”

“The title of the musical is inspired by a painting ‘The Fiddler’ by Marc Chagall, which gives the message that we can still play a tune in times of uncertainty and instability. So much more so for Christains whose strength comes from the joy of the Lord.”

School Manager, Mr Thomas Tsang leads the closing prayer
Makeup and Costume Team Backstage team and Percussion Band  Percussion Band
Video of Muscial Coming Soon!