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School Emblem, School Badge and School Uniform
School Emblem : The design of the school emblem is full of symbolism. It includes the motto together with 4-leaf clover in the middle which is also called lucky grass. The clover signifies love, faith, hope and blessing. It symbolises the grace and love of God enriching our lives. It encourages us to build a positive and fruitful life with faith and hope from God.
School Badge : The colours - red, yellow and blue convey different symbolic meanings.
  • Red - passion and bravery
  • Yellow - energy and gentleness
  • Blue - reasoning and calmness
School Uniform :
Season S.1 - S.3 S.4 - S.6 Uniform demonstration
Summer White dress White cheongsum
Winter White long-sleeved blouse with dark blue pinafore dress Dark blue cheongsum