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Frequently Asked Questions  

Q : Does the school have classes using English as medium of instruction? What are the criteria of class allocation?
A : Three classes in each junior form use English as medium of instruction. Except Chinese, Chinese History and Putonghua in those classes, all subjects are taught in English or in Chinese with English extended learning activities. At the end of each academic year, students will be based on their academic performance e.g. English, Mathematics and Integrated Science and teachers' recommendations to allocate students in appropriate classes for the next academic year.
Q : Fine-tuning Policy for Medium of Instruction has been implemented in school since 10/11. Mathematics and Integrated Science of three classes in each form have been taught in English and more English elements have been added in other subjects. Any extra support has been provided to meet the students' need?
A : Teachers are well-equipped to teach using English. Extra teachers have been hired for supporting bilingual education. English drama activities and entended Mathematics and Science Programme have been implemented to support students in English learning. A solid recognition on supportive measures in English learning was received by EDB School Review Team in 10/2010.
Q : Is the school any elite classes? Is there any policy to nurture gifted students?
A : Pooi To base on students' learning abilities to allocate classes to meet their needs. Enrichment Programmes for gifted students have been launched in core subjects to unleash students' potential and boarden their horizon. Besides, high achievers will be invited to join the Excel Programme for participating external activities and competitions, leadership trainings, exchange programmes and external gifted programmes.
Q : How many students apply for how many spots?
A : Pooi To has consistently received approximately 500 applications for 41 spaces over the last five years for the S.1 classes.
Q : What are the criteria for admission? Are any special preferences such as religion, relatives and alumni parents given?
A : The selection criteria for Pooi To is as follows: Academic performance, conduct, Services, awards and ECA performance, and interview performance.

No special preferences are given to applicants. They feel free to provide us information if there are any sisters studying in school.
Q : Is an interview needed? What is the format of the interview?
A : Admissions interview is a part of the application process. Both English and Chinese will be assessed through discussing current issues and a situational question.
Q : When will the applicants notify the result?
A : Parents of applicants in the Successful Lists for S.1 discretionary places will be notified by letter and phone on 31 March 2020.
Q : If the applicants are rejected to have any discretionary place, will they have higher priority to be admitted in the 3rd round of application?
A : Pooi To will provide third round of admission on need basis each year. The datails will be uploaded to School Website in May or June.
Q : Any places will be reserved to Pooi To Primary School?
A : Pooi To Primary School is our nominated primary school. This is a co-educational primary school that number of girls in our school from Pooi To Primary School is limited. Indeed, the students from Pooi To are from different primary schools. We provide different adaption programmes for the new comers to adapt our learning environment. Students build up an harmonious and supportive community.
Q : Are any impact for students learning in a girls' school?

A : Pooi To has established to provide opportunities for girls to learn since 1888. We are now a renowned girls' school with long tradition in Hong Kong.

In research study, students who study in single-sex school are benefit for learning. In a girls' school, students are more concentrated towards their studies, more willing to express their views especially for science subjects, more opportunities to take the leading role.

In Pooi To, there are many opportunities for our students to cooperate with students from boys' school through joint-school activities, exchange programmes and voluntary services etc. As a Christian school, sex education has been implemented from S.1 for our students to build a positive attitude based on Bible.