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Internal Competition 2021/22  
Name of Activity: ‘To be a Self-directed Learner’ Short Video Competition

Parent-Teacher Association

Awardees: Junior Category (S.1 - S.3) Champion S.2 Chloe Yip
Junior Category (S.1 - S.3) First runner-up S.2 Heily Chan
Junior Category (S.1 - S.3) Second runner-up S.1 Chloe Tse
Merit S.1 Elva Kung
S.1Gaile Lan
S.1 Suri Luo
S.2 Chole Leung
S.2 Rachel Lo
S.2 Lily Sum
Senior Category (S.4 & S.5) Champion S.5 Zoe Yip
Senior Category (S.4 & S.5) First runner-up S.5 Kelly Yip
Senior Category (S.4 & S.5) Second runner-up S.4 Kitty Jiang
The Open Groups Champion S.3
The Open Groups First runner-up S.4
Michelle Fung 
Chessy Tso
Darice Wong
Vicky Wong
The Open Groups Second runner-up Ms. Lok Wai Ling
The Open Groups Merit S.4
Charlie Yeung
Grace Chiu
Vincy Lau
Agnes Tsang

Crystal Chang
Venus Cheng
Phoebe Kong    
Yan Ting
Erin Yao

Mr. Tsang Hing Wa
The Most Active Participation Award S1B, S5A

Name of Activity: S1 Drama Performance

English Department

Awardees: Best Actress S1 Li Shuk-yee
Best Supporting Actress S1 Choi Tze-ki
Most Comedic Actress S1 Kung Ying-zhu
Best Costumes Design S.1B (Nos. 1-17)
Best Cooperative Group S.1B (Group 2)
Overall Best Group S.1C (Group 2)

Name of Activity: Gospel Week

Christian Education Department

Awardees: S1-S2 Champion S1B
S1-S2 1st  Runner-up S1A
S1-S2 2nd Runner-up S2C
S3-S4 Champion S4B
S3-S4 1st  Runner-up S4C
S3-S4 2nd Runner-up S3B
S5-S6 Champion S5B
S5-S6 1st  Runner-up S6B
S5-S6 2nd Runner-up S6C

Name of Activity: S.1 Inter-class Basketball Competition

Physical Education Department

Awardees: Champion: S1D
1ST Runner-up: S1A

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