Curriculum Extended Learning Day [ ENG | 中文 ]  
Extended Learning Day
In order to broaden their horizons through learning outside the classroom, students planned and implemented their activities such as visits, and participated in activities organized by teachers like workshops and tours.
Dates: 29 April 2016


Conservation & Environmental Protection 1 Conserving Nature - A Visit to Ocean Park
2 DIY Green Soap Making
3 Adventure Tour of the tertiary treatment in Ngong Ping Sewage Treatment Works (Hong Kong)
4 Upcycling - A Visit to St. James' Settlement Jockey Club Upcycling Centre
5 Environmentally friendly Electricity Generation - A Visit to Lamma Power Station
Workplace Experience 6,7 Job Shadowing - Pooi To Primary School and Pooi To Kindergarten
8 Workplace Visit - Logistics Centre
9 TV World – A Visit to Cable TV
10 Window Display Workshop at VTC
Science & Space Studies 11 Exploring the Universe
12 A Journey to Space
Historical And Cultural Tours 13 Historical And Cultural Tour to Northeastern Provinces in China (28/4 - 2/5/2016)
14 An Exploration into the History of Tsim Sha Tsui
15 A Visit to Hong Kong Museum of History
16 A Cultural Tour to South Korea (28/4 - 1/5/2016)
Care for Community 17 Experiential Learning – Dialogue in the Dark Mei Foo
Dialogue in the Dark Experiential Exhibition
Campus Tour 18 Exploring The University of Hong Kong
Life Education 19 A Visit to Life Journey Centre
20 A Trip to Noah’s Ark
Visits of leisure scenic spots 21 Exploring Cheung Chau
22 A Day Trip to Tap Mun
23 One-day Tour of Siu Lam
Adventure Activities 24 Adventure in Discovery Land
25 First Try at Bubble Buddies
Reading 26 Taiwanese Bookstore Visits
Technology 27 3D Printing Workshop
Photography 28 Photo-taking Tour of Nam San Wai /Tai O
Film Industry 29 A Visit to Hong Kong Film Archive