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Mamma Mia ! Synopsis
Mamma Mia! is an unusual love story. As its title would suggest (My Mother in Italian) we see the mother/daughter relationship very much from the point of view of the daughter Sophie. The daughter is determined to do things right after her parents’ mistakes of the past. She has met the love of her life, Sky, and really wants a traditional wedding. She also seems determined to bring her estranged parents, Donna and Bill, together for her big day. This is not an easy task as her mother, a former singer in a pop band and now a restaurant owner, is an unorthodox (unusual) person who doesn’t approve of doing things in the traditional way. She split from Sophie’s father Bill many years ago vowing never to see him again. Donna’s friends and former band members Tanya and Rosie have come to the island for the wedding and try to relive old times again with her. Sophie secretly brings her father to the island in preparation for her wedding day. But will Sophie with love and perseverance bring everyone together in the end or will the greatest day in her life end in disaster?