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Campus History  

1888 1908 1916 1929
Pooi To Academy was founded in Five Genii Gate, Canton.


Christianity Building was built in Canton. Judson Memorial Building in Canton. Fortieth Anniversary Building of Pooi To Academy was built.
1930 1937 1940 1947
Red-brick School Gate was built During the Japanese occupation, the School moved to Zhaoqing in September, 1937. Primary Section moved to Baptist Church in Stirling Road, Kowloon City. Junior Secondary Section and Senior Secondary Section moved to Grampian Road leased campus.
1954 1954 1954 1960
Sr. Grantham and Madam Grantham were invited in the Campus Opening Ceremony which was held on of 12th June, 1954. Whole view of School campus in 2 Inverness Road Whole view of School campus in 2 Inverness Road Seventieth Anniversary Building was opened.
1979 1984 2006 2009
Lora Tong Memorial Building was opened in November, 1979. A covered corridor was built to connect the school campus and Memorial building. The School decanted to a vacant school at 101, Castle Peak Road to allow complete redevelopment of the campus in July, 2006. The School returned to the 2 Inverness Road campus in March, 2009.