Extended Learning Day


Dates: 15-16 March 2021

This year, in the view of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the activities held on the Extended Learning Day were conducted via zoom. S1, S2, S4 and S5 students engaged themselves in theme-based activities like arts appreciation, environmental conversation and vocational orientation, while S3 students participated in a 2-day on-campus leadership training. They all found the activities practical and wonderful.
Secondary One - Theme: Art Appreciation
Dough doll Workshop
Art therapy Seminar and Workshop
Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop
Traditional paper cutting Workshop
Chinese Opera Workshop
Opera Workshop
Form Two - Theme(1): Environmental Conservation
Green Life Seminar and workshop
Form Two - Theme(2): Civic Education
Fair Trade and Globalization Seminar, Coffee Ground Scrub Workshop
Dialogue Experience Workshop
Seminar on Virtual tour with Minorities in Hong Kong
Seminar on Overview of rural children in Mainland China
Form Two - Theme(3): STEM
Python Programming Workshop
Form Three - Theme: Leadership Training
Leadership Training
Form Four & Form Five - Theme: Vocational Orientation
Sports Reporter’s Sharing
Table Manners Workshop

My Job Interview Workshop

Workers of Pet grooming Sharing Seminar
Live Library (Accountant) Sharing Seminar
Workplace Etiquette workshop
Young Women Entrepreneurship Sharing Seminar
My CV workshop
Live Library (Wedding planner) Sharing Seminar
Clothing appearance workshop, Mock Interview Workshop