S3  Vanessa Chow
24/10/2018 SCMP

Talking Points: Should the government enforce a meat-free day each week?

I think the government should enforce a meat-free day. First and foremost, the meat industry produces huge amounts of greenhouse gases. If we all eat just a little bit less meat, the meat industry will shrink, and this will definitely be good for the environment. I think it would be great if Hong Kong could become a pioneer in environmental protection.  It would improve our global image and set a good example for other Asian countries.
In addition, swapping meat for vegetables can improve our health. It can prevent obesity and, by extension, the problems related to obesity like heart disease. If we all became healthier, it would alleviate the pressure on our public health care system, too. Therefore, by enforcing a meat-free day, we could help the long-term development of Hong Kong.