CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong in Fashion

Our Visual Arts students accompanied by the school Orchestra performed at the Asia premier fashion event entitled ‘CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong in Fashion’ launched by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council at Lee Tung Avenue. The students grasped the opportunity to play their roles as fashionistas who showcase their imagination and creativity through fashion design. Their innovative ideas and designs were highly praised and won applause.

Science Triathlon

Congratulations to our Science Team consisting of four S.3 students, Kitty Chu, Betty Li, Hyde Wong and Amy Wong, for being the 1st runner-up in the Science Triathlon 2019 Final, organized by The University of Hong Kong Science Outreach Team. The students were overjoyed that they were offered opportunities to broaden their horizons in various science disciplines. 

Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors Project

Students were offered an opportunity to learn the healthy Chinese food and the art of Chinese cooking techniques through cooking demonstrations, short presentations on British Chinese food culture, Chinese cuisines, and sauces. This project raised the students’ awareness about healthy cooking and inspired them to develop the practice of healthy eating.

S.1 Orientation Week

The Orientation Programme was designed for our newcomers to familiarize themselves with Pooi To school life and equip themselves to face new challenges. Taking part in various courses enabled the students to catch a glimpse of the new learning mode and showcase their intellect in class.

Closing Ceremony

The unlimited blessings from God’s grace brought the entire school year to a successful end. In the ceremony, the whole school celebrated the students’ exceptional performances of academic achievements, personal qualities and social services. Our Principal, Ms Cheung, made an inspirational address to embolden students to trust in the Lord and look on the bright side through this year’s theme.

The 4th Hong Kong Inter-School Jump Rope Championship

Congratulations to our Rope Skipping Team for winning two first prizes, two second prizes and two third prizes in the competition. With their strenuous endeavours and tactful skills, they won a big round of applause for their efforts.

Gold Award in Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation Training Programme

Congratulations to Moon Cho, Mia Leung and Grace Wong of S.5, who were presented with the Gold Award in the Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation Training Programme. With the superb performance in the programme, they won the championship among over 200 participating schools.

A Joint-school History Data-based Questions Workshop

Over 200 students and teachers from 17 schools participated in this workshop organized by our History Department. Having attempted the data-based questions set by our history teacher, the students learnt answering techniques through the detailed explanation of both questions and answers, and also the marking scheme. The workshop helped students grow in confidence in themselves and prepare themselves for the public exam.

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) 2019

The performance of our students in the HKDSE is as follows: 73.7% of Pooi To girls have met the basic entrance requirement for admission to publicly funded undergraduate (33222).

The ‘The 4th Pooi To x Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition’ cum ‘Pooi To x Barbie Qipao Design with Scenic Design (Secondary Section) Competition’ Prize Presentation Ceremony

The ‘The 4th Pooi To x Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition’ cum ‘Pooi To x Barbie Qipao Design with Scenic Design (Secondary Section) Competition’ was successfully held. This year, more than 3,200 entries from primary schools and 30 entries from secondary schools showcased the characteristics of traditional qipaos and their own ingenious ideas.

  27-28/6, 2/7/2019
Post-exam Activities

A wide range of culminating activities not only provided students with an opportunity to refill their energy to feel fresh after the exams, but also explore and develop other aspects of life. The enrichment activities, including art activities, sports activities, social care activities, school forums, study tours, and game booths, were both engaging and beneficial to the students’ learning.

Study Tour to Sydney

A group of 20 Pooi To girls went on a two-week study tour to Sydney, tasting Australian lifestyle and gaining an understanding of the culture through the English classes at Sydney College of English, interaction with homestay families and educational half day excursions.

An Exploration into the Culture and Innovative Technologies of Hangzhou and Shaoxing

Students benefited greatly from this 5-day trip during which they could get a better understanding of the culture and history of Hangzhou and Shaoxing. Besides, the visits to the IT companies not only enabled them to explore the application and development of innovative technologies in those enterprises, but also the rapid development and notable achievements of the innovative technologies of China. 

Historical and Cultural Study Tour to Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai

Co-organized by the Chinese History, History and Geography Departments, this 7-day trip enabled students to explore the heritage preservation, environmental protection, economic development, transportation system and urban growth in Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai. Not only were they amazed with the natural scenery and the historic sites, but they were also impressed with their commitment to social progress, environmental balance and economic growth.

Exploration Trip to Greater Bay Area

The STEMS Department arranged a 2-day tour for students to study the development of the Greater Bay Area’s key infrastructure and information and technology. They visited the Hengqin New Area Exhibition Hall in Zhuhai and the high tech companies in Guangzhou and Zhuhai to learn about the latest development of Hengqin and the high quality AI products respectively.

Pooi To x Barbie Qipao Design with Scenic Design (Secondary Section)

Participants from twenty schools showcased their creativity in traditional qipao and scenic designs at our first ‘Pooi To x Barbie Qipao Design with Scenic Design (Secondary Section) Competition’. Four distinguished Barbies wearing tailored-made qipaos were set at a party in the 1960s. Their works were regarded as great masterpieces when the original and beautifully designed figures perfectly matched the varieties of artistic backgrounds.

Hong Kong Product Design Makeathon

Congratulations to Fandy Choi, Jojo Chung, Rain Chung and Yumi Lam of S4 for being crowned the Overall Champion in the ‘Hong Kong Product Design Makeathon 2018-19’, organized by the Department of Industrial and System Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The 55th Graduation Ceremony

The Ceremony was a special occasion to celebrate the Class of 2018 for completing their senior education. Family, teachers and schoolmates extended the warmest congratulations to the achievements and success of the graduates. Guest of Honour, Dr the Honourable Lam Ching-choi, BBS, JP, delivered an inspirational speech to encourage all graduates to become influential people in communities through our school motto.

Battle of the Books

Congratulations to our team of 12 ‘bookworms’, who won third prize in the ‘Hong Kong Battle of the Books’. In this live school-on-school battle, the students demonstrated their abilities, knowledge and understanding of the books they had read. Not only did they gain knowledge, but also enjoyment from reading quality books.

National Secondary School Essay Competition

Congratulations to Anna Wong of S.5 for winning the Gold Award in the ‘2018-2019 National Secondary School Essay Competition’. Dr. Choi Yuk Lin, JP, Under Secretary for Education, presented the prize to Anna in recognition of her outstanding achievement in Chinese writing.

Joint-school Chinese History Seminar

This seminar organized by our Chinese History Department and the Hong Kong History and Culture Educational Society provided a platform for more than 200 students from 20 schools to learn some examination skills. Through the talk given by an experienced Chinese History teacher, they learnt more about the examination requirements, answering techniques and study strategies in order to boost their exam performance.

Gold Award in “Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation” Training Programme

Moon Cho, Mia Leung and Grace Wong won the Gold Award in the “Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation”.  They could participate in a study trip to Yandangshan UNESCO Global Geopark (Wenzhou City, Zhejiang), from 12 April to 15 April. They will be able to explore more issues related to environmental and geological conservation in China. We wish them a fruitful and rewarding learning journey!

Second Place in Inter-school Badminton Competition (Division 3)

Congratulations to our Grade C Volleyball Team for winning second place in the Inter-school Badminton Competition (Division 3). All the team members held the belief that building stamina and determination was the key to success. Their tremendous efforts and outstanding sportsmanship were highly praised.

E-learning Projects on Chinese History –Workshop on Playwriting and Script Interpretation

Students explored the distinctive features of Chinese History through drama. Having written their own scripts and performed the play under the guidance of the drama teacher, they successfully played the roles of historical figures in significant events.

S3 Inter-class History Project Presentation Contest

This was an English Cross-curricular Project enabling S3 students to innovatively share the fruits of their learning through videos and presentations. They investigated a significant historical event of their choice within the theme ‘Significant Moments in History: From World War I to World War II’, and made a dramatic video to portray this event. After the first round, the winning team from each class had a precious opportunity to compete in the final. Their presentations were both interesting and visually appealing.

English Day and Cross-cultural Activity

We were honoured to have representatives from the U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau to join us this year. Apart from the talk on American English, students have gained profound knowledge about the culture of the United States through various game stalls. 

The 33rd Swimming Gala

The pool was full of enthusiastic participants while the spectator stand was crowded with excited cheerleading teams. Swimmers competed in various races ranging from backstroke to relay events. Being well-trained and persistent, the competitors challenged their physical limitations and strove to achieve their personal best. The support from the stand was terrific as the cheers encouraged the competitors to go for the win. Parents’ involvement made the day exceptionally thrilling.

Arts in Action 2019

Our students enthralled audience members with a variety of shows at Arts in Action 2019. The heartening performances by the Chamber Orchestra, Percussion Band, Chinese Dance Club, Dance Club, Choral Groups and Musical Club created a joyous atmosphere, and met with loud applause. With the concerted efforts made by the helpers behind the scenes, the entire show was well-received and highly praised.

Hong Kong School Drama Festival

Our students performed excellently at the drama festival in which they were presented several awards including Outstanding Performers, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Stage Effects, Outstanding Script, Outstanding Cooperation and Commendable Overall Performance. Their awesome performance and concerted efforts were highly praised and appreciated by the adjudicators and the audience.

‘The Hong Kong Award for Young People’ - The 97th Silver Award Presentation

Officiating at the ceremony, the Hon Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBM, GBS, JP, the Chief Secretary for Administration, presented the awards to our students, Lau Yee-tung, Lee Yuen-yi, Tang Po-wa and Yu Wing-yan of S5 recognizing their personal achievements.

Ms Chen Jing’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Chinese History

With a high level of achievement and significant contribution to Chinese History teaching, Ms Chan Ying-ying received a Certificate of Merit in ‘Ms Chen Jing’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Chinese History’.

Chinese Language Elite Programme

Congratulations to Chan Wah-yan of S.2, who won the Elite Bronze Award in the Chinese Language Elite Programme organized by the Chinese Language Education Research Association, which was commissioned by the Gifted Education Team of the Education Bureau. Her efforts and performance were greatly appreciated by the adjudicators.

The HKFYG Leadership Institute Grand Opening

We were greatly honoured to have attended Grand Opening Ceremony of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group Leadership Institute as one of the school partners. In celebration of the occasion, Mrs Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region officiated at the opening ceremony. We were presented with a certificate in recognition of our support and commitment to youth leadership education.

Champion in Inter-school Badminton Competition (Division 3)

Congratulations to our Grade C Badminton Team for winning the championship in the Inter-school Badminton Competition (Division 3).  They even managed to set a team record with great skill and determination.

Kowloon City District Outstanding Student Award

Congratulations to Moon Cho of S5, who won Kowloon City District Outstanding Student Award (Senior Section) in recognition of her outstanding achievements in academic performance, extra-curricular activities and community service.

S.2 Chinese Solo Verse Speaking and Choral Speaking Inter-class Competitions

The competitions nurtured students’ appreciation of Chinese literature and enhanced their speaking skills as well as their self-confidence. They demonstrated great teamwork and built positive team spirit.

Talk by the Principal of Christian Zheng Sheng College

Being invited to share his views on ‘Live Positive Life to the Fullest’, Mr Chan Siu-cheuk, Principal of Christian Zheng Sheng College, encouraged our students to make the right choices that will shape their future.

The Elegance and Charisma of the Pooi To Ladies

The Principal was interviewed by the Hong Kong Economic Journal about revitalization of the qipao in Pooi To and promoting the traditional Chinese culture and performing arts in the recent years. This enables students to showcase their artistic talent and innovative ideas in different platforms.

Secondary School Experience Day for Primary 6

Through spending a comprehensive day at our school, 4 classes of Primary 6 students from Pooi To Primary School got a taste of secondary school life. They acquainted themselves with new subjects and took part in class activities with curiosity. This learning experience enabled them to get a better understanding of a typical school day.

Pooi To × Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition 2019 - Mini Qipao Making Workshop

This year, 3263 entries submitted showcased the participants’ artistic creativity and fresh ideas of qipao design. The 19 finalists and their parents attended the workshop to learn qipao making techniques. Their designs demonstrated their dream careers.

Extended Learning Day

Teachers and students planned and implemented various theme-based activities from exploring the city to learning useful life skills. They all actively engaged outside the classroom. The day was great fun for all of them!

Alumni Homecoming Day

Hundreds of our alumni came back to their alma mater for a celebration of Pooi To’s ecting 131st Anniversary and a farewell to Delonix Regia. This was a day of reconnecting with teachers and old friends and rekindling the Pooi To spirit. Past teachers and alumni from different generations were gathered for the evening banquet. The whole day was filled with love and laughter. Thanks to all who attended and made this event an enjoyable experience.

The 131st Anniversary Celebrations

The whole school congregated to give thanks to the Lord for His grace and blessings bestowed upon Pooi To at the Thanksgiving Service. Additionally, we released 131 balloons wishing the school a blessed forthcoming year.

Student Exchange Programme

This weekly exchange programme was jointly organized by our school and Jockey Club Ti-i College. 18 of our S.3 and S.4 students visited Jockey Club Ti-i College to broaden their horizons and enhance their learning experiences through attending classes and engaging in activities. Meanwhile, Ti-I students appreciated the warm welcome and hospitality that our school extended as well as academic gains in each lesson.

The 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

Our school choir deserve congratulations for their virtuoso performance of ‘The Poet Sings’ and ‘As l Long As I have Music’. They took third place in The 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, in the Intermediate Girls’ Choir Section (Second Division) Age 16 or under (Foreign Language).

  1, 4-7/3/2019
Reading Week

Having engaged in various reading activities, students realized the importance of developing a good reading habit. A book fair, and book sharing by parents, teachers and students were arranged for students to explore more about the world and enhance their analytical thinking skills.

Commencement of S5 Graduating Year

Principal Cheung and Assistant Principal To encouraged the students to set achievable targets and be dedicated to pursuing their academic goals. The students were also inspired in the sharing given by past students, Yoyo Mak and Salimah Kan, who told them their recipe for success - being strong-willed and adopting a positive attitude towards studies.

Reading Forum

Congratulations to our Debate Team for winning the championship in the Debate sessions of the ‘Reading Forum 2019’ organized by King Ling College. The team strove to argue opposing viewpoints and performed outstandingly well in the two debates. Their efforts and accomplishments were greatly appreciated.

First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony

Teachers and students congregated to acknowledge the achievements of the outstanding students who achieved a high level of academic performance. Their hard work and determination motivated other schoolmates to develop a good learning attitude. Principal Cheung made a speech about David James Wottle, a gold medalist in the 800 meter run at the 1972 Summer Olympics, to spur on the students to fully utilize their potential and accomplish their goals through perseverance.

‘West Kowloon Tea House Theatre- The D. H. Chen Foundation’ Opening Ceremony

S.4 students engaged themselves in a live narrated performance, a display of music, and dramatic excerpts as they learnt more about Cantonese opera and its traditional culture. The interactive session and guided tour enabled them to explore more about the relevance of Chinese art culture and contemporary society. They were all amazed with the beauty and elegance of Cantonese operas.

Talk on ‘Cheer up! Never give up!’

A veteran broadcaster, Mr. Francis Mak Yun-sau, gave a talk to S.6 students to encourage them to be the most persistent individuals when facing very severe study pressure. He addressed them with a speech about himself, someone who summoned up the courage to counter hard times in his childhood. Inspired by Mr Mak’s life story, the students were all highly motivated and boosted.

Red Cross Best Service Theme Project Competition

Congratulations to our Red Cross Youth Unit for winning the overall championship in ‘Red Cross Best Service Theme Project Competition 2017/18’ held by Hong Kong Red Cross. Our Unit and the Unit from Queen Elizabeth School, who collaborated on a service plan entitled ‘The Adventures of Mr & Ms Little’, performed outstandingly. Our captain, Yoyo Chung, received the award at the prize-giving ceremony.

History and Culture of Plastic Piggy-banks

Through a workshop, students learned the history of piggy-banks and the rise and fall of Hong Kong’s plastic industry. They were taught to apply their imagination and the engineering design process to design and make their own unique banks. This was a very meaningful activity in which students realized the importance of passing down the richness of our traditional arts and crafts to future generations.

Chinese New Year Activities

Various activities held to celebrate the traditional festival brought joy to the whole school. The Lunar New Year Fair, Fai Chun Writing, festive food making and spring cleaning drew a large crowd of teachers and students. Students also upheld the tradition of spring cleaning. They joined hands to clean the whole school campus together. The afternoon was spent with a festive atmosphere.

The 55th Schools Dance Festival

Congratulations to our Chinese Dance Team, new participants in the 55th Schools Dance Festival, for winning the Highly Recommended Award in Chinese Dance (Secondary Section). They were highly commended by the adjudicators for their commitment to producing such a high standard of performance.

NWS Hong Kong Geo Wonders Hike - ‘Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation’ Training Programme

With strong passions and outstanding performance in various activities, the team consisting of three S5 students, Moon Cho, Mia Leung and Grace Wong were selected as one of the five finalists who can participate in a study trip to Yandangshan UNESCO Global Geopark (Wenzhou City, Zhejiang), from 12 April to 15 April.

Professional Development with The Methodist Church HK Wesley College

The principal, Mr Nam Ching Sze and the English panel of Wesley College made a visit to us yesterday. After a brief introduction to the school history, the development of the school-based English curriculum and the annual English musicals by our school, we exchanged our professional practices. The sharing session was followed by a student-led campus tour. The Professional Development Day was remarkably productive and fruitful.

2018 Hong Kong International a cappella Contest

Congratulations on a superb performance by our A cappella Team, who won the Silver Award and Bronze Award in the School Division - Vocal Band and Choir Ensemble respectively. Having worked incredibly hard, the team received recognition and appreciation.

  15, 18 & 20/12/2018
Christmas Caroling

Our school choir sang around the school campus and shared the joy of Christmas with all teachers and schoolmates. The acappella team joined in and brought the great happiness of Christmas to everyone in Kowloon City Plaza and Festival Walk. They shared the true meaning of Christmas and created a festive atmosphere there through a series of Christmas songs.

JA Company Programme

This year, our S.4 and S.5 students established a business named ‘Genes’ in JA Company which enabled them to develop their entrepreneurial skills was of great benefit to them. They produced two products – denim storage pockets and tablet bags for sale at a trade fair in Chater Garden. The concerted efforts made by the whole team won the support and applause from all of us.

Community Service – ‘Food Recycle’

This meaningful programme held by People Service Centre offered students a great opportunity to share love and give blessings to the elderly living in Shek Kip Mei. The activity also raised the students’ awareness about helping the underprivileged and encouraged them to express love to others in the society.

Inter-school Interactive Theatre – Banquet in Tang Dynasty

A banquet from the  Tang Dynasty was staged to enable students to experience the social environment, the cultural and political atmosphere and  the historical issues in this dynasty. The participating students, who played the roles of the characters with costumes, demonstrated how the people in the Tang Dynasty behaved, spoke and lived.

Grantham Scholarships Fund for Visual Arts

Congratulations to Joyce Chong (Graduate of 2018), who was granted the Grantham Scholarships Fund for Visual Arts for her extraordinary achievement in visual arts. Her art expression, creativity and personal view towards art or creation and experience in art-related services in her portfolio exhibited her great ability and talent in visual arts.

Parents’ Talk

Mr. Francis Mak Yun-sau shared his ideas on effective parenting skills, reminding parents to care about the spiritual development of their children and foster positive parent-child communication. Our Parents were inspired to grow together with their kids.

S.1 Drama Competition

Students had a drama class once every week as part of our Language Arts Programme. They learnt to enjoy language, express themselves through drama and enhance confidence in the use of the language. During the competition, they were acting out different scenes from the story of Matilda. Everyone used their own special powers to put on an incredible show!

S1 Admission Briefing Session

Thousands of primary school students and parents attended the talk at which Principal Cheung introduced our school history, mission and vision, and students’ development in various aspects. There were also many platforms on that day to showcase our students’ talents in subject knowledge and performing arts.

Putonghua Enhancement Activities

Students were provided a platform to nurture and sharpen their speaking skills in Putonghua through school activities. Their performances were impressive and were greatly appreciated.

The 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival- (Chinese) (Chinese version only)

Congratulations to all S.3 students for their endeavours and achievements. The awards recognized that much of their success was directly attributable to their efforts and collaboration.

Inter-school Cross Country Competition

Perseverance and determination were the leading factors to their success. All athletes strove their best to achieve the goal they set last year, which was staying strong in Division One. In this tough competition, their strong willpower and intensive training enabled them to finish in 12th place, securing their place in Division One. Congratulations to the team for great efforts and accomplishment.

NIKE Basketball "Dribble &" School Tour

It was an honour to be invited to participate in this event which offered a unique opportunity for students to learn basketball skills from guest players. An inspirational sharing given by Mr. Paco Chor, motivated students to be persistent and courageous when encountering obstacles. Another enjoyable activity was a T-shirt design workshop in which students learnt about the creative process and techniques used for designing T-shirts. The day was filled with the sound of excitement and laughter.

Exhibition of Hong Kong Uniforms Past and Present

Invited by the Hong Kong Museum of Education, the school delegates, led by Principal Cheung shared the evolution of school uniform and the school history. Ms Cheung attended the ‘Hong Kong Uniforms Past and Present’ Opening Ceremony in which school uniforms over different periods were introduced.

The 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival - Choral Speaking Competition

Classes 2A and 2B came first and third respectively in this year’s Speech Festival. In the face of intense competition, our girls showed an incredible sense of passion and commitment, and managed to perform to their best. Their concerted efforts are greatly appreciated.

Gospel Week

Praise to the Lord! Gospel Week was completed successfully. Teachers and students who got involved in all activities spread the gospel and shared their love of God. 131 students decided to accept Christ as their personal Saviour. May the Lord bless them and guide their steps in their new lives.

S.3 Seminar on Choice of Electives

S.3 parents and their daughters attended seminar organized by the school and the Parent-Teacher Association. The seminar was aimed at equipping them with the latest information about the NSS, selection criteria and different subject combinations. It is hoped that S.3 students can choose the electives according to their personal attributes and interests in order to stretch their potential and get well prepared for future studies and careers.

S.1 & S.2 Parents' Night

Parents attended the gathering to foster closer home-school cooperation and facilitate better communication. It started with a report by the Student Development Team talking about the students’ academic and behavioural performances in school. Afterwards, the subject teachers shared with S.1 parents some practical study and exam strategies, while S.2 parents learnt about autonomous learning, our STEM curriculum and ways to cultivate reading habits.

House Activity Day

The out of school activities, ranging from a barbecue in a local park to a study trip to Zhaoqing,  were entertaining and energizing. Having equipped with good organizational skills, the Six House captains and their housemates actively engaged in fun activities and pursued the main goal, team building.

Study Trip – ‘Natural Landforms and Conservation in Zhaoqing’2 Growth Camp

All S.3 students visited Zhaoqing to learn about its nature conservation. They went hiking on DingHu Mountain to admire the scenery and the natural conservation. They also went up to Seven Star Crags to study karst landform and topography. The trip ended with a visit to the Zhaoqing Museum, where they could appreciate the treasuable the ink slabs.

S2 Growth Camp

The 2 day ‘Walk with God’ Growth Camp organized by Kowloon City Baptist Church and our school offered an opportunity for our S.2 girls to learn more about God and bond as a team.

Admission Talk for Pooi To Primary School

Primary 5 and 6 students and their parents of Pooi To Primary School attended the parents’ talk on school selection. Ms Mandy Chan, the Principal of Pooi To Primary School, and our Principal, Ms Constance Cheung, shared the admission procedure and tips in choosing in a suitable schools for their daughters. It was followed by a guided campus tour for parents and students to learn more about school life at Pooi To.

S.2 Academic Cup

This academic contest enabled students to check their knowledge in various subjects, boost their confidence and raise the class spirit. The strong competition and the participation of the audience created an exciting atmosphere.

  8, 13-15/11/2018
Celebration of the House Anniversary

Principal Cheung delivered a keynote speech at the ceremony to encourage students to be united and collaborative in order to achieve the same goal. The captains of the Six Houses gave their inaugural addresses to spur on the House members to live by their house mottos, while the Vice House Captains made a vote of thanks to express their gratitude to the teachers.

An Academic Visit to Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd.

S.6 students studying Biology or Chemistry showed much interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Through the visit to Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd., the students could better understand the structure of the pharmaceutical industry in Hong Kong, see what happens in a laboratory in a pharmacy company and know the practical application of the biology or chemistry knowledge they learnt in school.

A Visit from Wa Ying College

The principal and a group of 19 teachers of Wa Ying College visit us last week. Their school is going to start the redevelopment of school campus soon. Our Principal, Ms Cheung took this opportunity to share our school mission and vision and explain how this core value is immersed in the redevelopment project of our school campus 10 years again. It was followed by  the student-led campus tour that gave the guests a vivid picture of the structures of our school.

  22, 24/10/2018
The 51st Sports Day

Students, parents and teachers gathered at Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground to participate in the annual Sports Day. With strong determination and persistence, all athletes fully displayed their talents and achieved outstanding results. The cheering and dancing competition was definitely the highlight of the day.

Invitation Relay Race

In a friendly 10x200 m relay race held by Guangzhou No. 7 Middle School (formerly Pooi To Girls’ School), our Athletic Team demonstrated great determination and good sportsmanship.  Not only did the ten junior athletes broaden their experience in running, but they also established a firm relationship with the students at the host school. Congratulations to our Team for winning third place in the race!

Student Leaders’ Inauguration Ceremony

The ceremony recognized the exceptional leaders and acknowledged their contribution to the school. The new leaders gave their inaugural addresses to state their missions. Students from various groups were also introduced as recognition of their serving roles in this academic year. Principal Cheung made a speech to encourage all young leaders to devote effort to their duties and follow the teachings of Jesus: ‘To served, not to be served’.

25th PTA Inauguration Ceremony cum Annual General Meeting & Gathering

The inauguration of the 25th Executive Committee and 12th Parent Manager Election were successfully held. The chairman and the treasurer presented the Annual and Financial reports respectively. In addition, Principal Cheung talked about the school theme. Afterwards, S.1 to S.4 parents met their daughters’ class teachers while S.5 & S.6 parents attended the talks on DSE and Career Paths.

S.2 Movie Appreciation ‘Distinction’

The S.2 girls watched the movie and were touched by the heartfelt and inspirational story about a music teacher at an SEN school, and two students from very different backgrounds who have to work together to create a musical involving mentally disabled children.

Overall Champion in Inter-school Swimming Competition (Division 3)

The Inter-school Swimming Competition (Division 3) was successfully completed. Fruitful results came with persistent efforts. Having empowered themselves with strong confidence and diligence, our Swimming Team won the Girls overall champion. They will compete in Division 2 next year. Congratulations on their superb performance!

A Visit from a Past English Teacher

Mrs Shirley Harris and her husband, Mr Philip Harris paid a visit to us from the United States. In the morning assembly, Mrs Harris gave thanks to God for His grace to the fact that He led her to Pooi To. Being a missionary journeyman gave her the joy of teaching and meeting the colleagues and students. Pooi To, a place which has changed her life, will always be a big part of her.

  4/10-6/10 & 11/10-13/10/2018
S.1 Training Camp

This three day training camp enabled the students to experience learning in the outdoor environment and also provided opportunities for them to be independent and exercise self-discipline. The students participated in various adventurous activities which developed their courage and collaboration. With great confidence and determination, all students completed the tasks successfully. This training camp was certainly the most invaluable and personal experience in each student’s life.

“From Legend To Vision”

The theme hymn “From Legend To Vision” for the school year 2017/18 was written to celebrate our 130th Anniversary. Through the hymn, we praise to the Lord for His countless blessings and grace on Pooi To since 1888.

Be a ‘Sidewalk Science’

We were honoured to have invited Dr. Dominic Tong Siu-sing, Senior Lecturer of  Department of Physics in CUHK to conduct a science workshop at which he demonstrated a wide range of science concepts and students participated in various experiments to understand the theories.

The 43rd Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competition

Congratulations to S.5 Anna Wong got the second prize in the Chinese Essay Writing Competitions while Iris Liu was awarded a merit. The winning pieces will be displayed at the Exhibition Gallery situated on Level 4 of the Administration Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, from October 8 to 10. You are invited to view the winning entries at the Exhibition Gallery, from October 8 to 10.

  14/9-15/9 & 21/9-22/9/2018
S4 Growth Camp

The 2 day camp offered students an opportunity to set a new goal and develop collaborative and communication skills through various team building activities. Besides, they learned to seek the kingdom of God and rely on His strength at the worship service.

Arts Education Activities Promotion

To arouse Secondary One students’ interest in arts education activities, our School Choir, Musical Club, Orchestra, Percussion band, Zheng Ensemble and Visual Arts Club introduced various types of music and visual arts activities to our junior girls and perform a mini music show afterwards.

Opening Ceremony

The new academic year began with a service in which we thanked for God’s grace and love always in our lives. Principal Cheung shared the theme of the year ‘Live positive life to the fullest’ and encouraged students to have a positive attitude towards life and rely on God’s strength to face any challenges.

CENTRESTAGE Creative Qipao Fashion Parade

Invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, our students showcased their qipao designs in the CENTRESTAGE Creative Qipao Fashion Parade at Lee Tung Avenue. Their works were greatly appreciated by the visitors.