Orientation Day for S.1 Parents

The Orientation Day for parents, organized with the PTA, was held so S.1 parents and daughters could get acquainted with the school and the teachers. Principal Cheung and several teachers explained the school plan, their expectations of students and the support programmes available.

Pooi To × Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition 2017 – Prize Presentation Ceremony

With the full support of Mattel Asia Pacific Sourcing Limited, ‘Pooi To × Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition 2017’ was successfully held. This year, more than 900 entries were submitted. 21 semi-finalists attended the Mini Qipao Making Workshop with their parents to learn the skills of making a qipao.

S.1 Orientation Week

The S.1 Orientation Week was successfully held, helping our newcomers to be familiar with Pooi To school life, prepare them for new challenges and get to know their peers. The welcoming activities included a campus tour led by our student helpers, class-based activities and adventure-based activities organized by our social workers and the HK Federation of Youth Group respectively.

Reading Fest

"Travel" is the theme of the Hong Kong Book Fair this year. Reading different travel works gives us the opportunity to come into contact with different countries. Students participated in the book sharing session of Professor Tony F Chan and "2017 Let's enjoy reading" activity. They were encouraged to travel around the world and broaden their horizons.

Closing Ceremony

This was an opportunity us to thank God for all the blessings we received throughout the academic year. It was also a time to celebrate the accomplishments of all our girls. Awards were presented to those who had outstanding performance in academic studies, personal qualities and services. Our Principal, Ms Cheung, gave an inspirational speech encouraging us to adopt a positive attitude towards learning. 

Study Tour to Jeju Island in South Korea

This thrilling trip allowed students to make exciting geological discoveries in Jeju Island, South Korea and apply what they learnt in the real world. They were enthralled by the unique volcanic landforms and the experience of being a ‘Korean’.

Post-examination Activities

A series of refreshing and relaxing activities were organized for students to widen their exposure and have fun after the examination. They actively engaged themselves in different kinds of activities including volleyball demonstration, gospel/hymn sharing, school forum, drama workshop and game booths etc.

Sharing and volleyball demonstration by Ms Sun Yue

In her sharing, Ms. Sun Yue, former China women's national volleyball team member motivated students to develop their personal qualities and enhance their capabilities through her life. Not only did Ms Sun demonstrate volleyball skills, but she also played a friendly volleyball match with our teachers and students. The whole campus was filled with joy and excitement.

Basketball and Cultural Exchange Tour to Taiwan

This tour offered a splendid opportunity for students to learn more about school basketball training and Taiwanese culture. Students received a three-day basketball training course to enhance their technical skills and competed in a friendly basketball match with the Taipei Chenggong High School team. They were also able to experience the local culture and social development by exploring Taiwanese architecture.

Pooi To Family celebrating 130th Anniversary

Thanks for God’s grace and blessings, Pooi To has stepped into 130th Anniversary. The three sections (Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School) of Pooi To in Hong Kong gathered to take a family photo for this memorable event.

International Day of Friendship

This year, an annual English Activity Day became an International Day of Friendship with students from Singapore, Italy and Hong Kong contributing to the festivities. Students could foster friendship and get a better understanding of different cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016

“Cheongsam Mentoring Scheme” has received the Certificate of Merit in the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 (School Division) to recognize for excellence in Arts Education. This project was reported by various media including Sunday Report by TVB, TVB iNews ‘HK Historical Sites’, Hong Kong Economic Times and Hong Kong 01 etc.

The 53rd Graduation Ceremony

Our Graduation Ceremony was a special opportunity to recognize the achievements of our students. Congratulations to all graduates for their academic progress. Our Guest of Honour, Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung, SBS, JP, Vice Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong encouraged all graduates to lead a fulfilling and significant life.

S.6 Graduation Art & Design Exhibition

This exhibition showcased the artistic flair of the works of art and design created by our graduating students. Using a variety of media and techniques including paintings, installations, sculptures, models and video clips, students illustrated the exploration of various themes such as traditional Chinese clothing, the value of human life, and ethnic and cultural identity.

Second Runner-up in Grade C of Inter-school Volleyball Competition (Division Three)

The Inter-school Volleyball Competition (Division Three) was held successfully. With willpower and diligence, our C Grade Girls Volleyball Team performed so well that they won the 2nd runner-up in the final match.

School-based Assessment Outstanding Learning Outcomes Awards

Our students were provided with a platform to showcase their SBA project. Gaby Chui came First and Daisy Lau got Merit in History while Evangeline Chow came Third in Visual Arts. Their exceptional works were impressive and received very positive comments.

Arts in Action 2017 mFame Jr.n

Arts in Action 2017  was a highly successful show. Cheers and applause filled our school hall from guests, parents, alumni and friends of Pooi To. More than two hundred teachers and students gave a truly lustrous performance which received high praise.

Qipao Fashion Show

Having designed and created their own qipao under the guidance of qipao masters and artists through the apprenticeship programme, students finally got to model their outfits gorgeously and confidently on the catwalk. Their designs were full of the features of traditional Chinese fashion culture and their own unique creativity.

31st Swimming Gala

Congratulations to all swimmers who achieved outstanding results in the games. With laugh, applause and cheers from different houses, they were encouraged to compete hard for the events.

  2/3, 11/4 & 7/4/2017
Secondary School Experience Day for Primary 6

About 80 Primary 6 students from Pooi To Primary School attended S1 lessons this term. They treasured the opportunity to experience a typical school day with our students.

Pooi To × Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition 2017 --
Mini Qipao Making Workshop

This very successful workshop was held to enhance interest in the traditional craftsmanship and appreciation of Qipao. Participants demonstrated their unique creativity and artistic talents in traditional and modern art.

Hong Kong School Drama Festival

The whole drama production I’m Living with a Dream was well received by the adjudicators and the audience. Our Drama Club won several awards in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival, including Commendable Overall Performance, Outstanding Cooperation, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Performer and Outstanding Script.

S.2-S.4 Parent’s Night

Parents took the opportunity to understand more about various aspects of their daughters’ school life through teachers’ sharing. It was followed by a talk given by Dr Charles Yu Tak-shun, who has specialist expertise in emotion and stress management. He gave a keynote speech entitled ‘How to build up teenager’s resilience’.

Overall 6th place in Inter-school Basketball Competition (Division 1)

The first division Inter-school Basketball Competition has finally come to an end. Demonstrating perseverance and determination, our basketball team finished in sixth place. All members of the team played with spirit and made strenuous efforts to achieve a creditable result.

Extended Learning Day

All teachers and students took part in the Extended Learning Day. Students launched  initiatives to explore different activities including environmental protection, social interaction, workplace experience, sports games and art and culture. Some of them even made a trip to Shanghai to enrich their learning experience.

Alumni Homecoming Day

A large number of alumni from across the globe joined us to celebrate the school’s 129th anniversary. They all seized the opportunity to reminisce, network, get updated and reconnect with their teachers and schoolmates. The afternoon was filled with joy and smiles.

129th Anniversary Celebrations

The whole school gave thanks to God for His grace, guidance and blessings at the Thanksgiving Service. We also wrote on origami stars our wishes that the school and everyone be blessed in the coming year.

Student Exchange Programme

This Programme was jointly organized by our school and Pui Ching Middle School. 17 of our S.3 and S.4 students visited Pui Ching Middle School to take advantage of the opportunity to broaden their horizons and enhance their learning experience through attending classes and engaging in activities.

Commencement of Graduating Year for S5 students

Principal Cheung made an inspirational speech exhorting students to search for the right path and rely on God for the strength to find it. The chairman of the Curriculum Development Committee, Mr Tai, Tze-lok provided some analysis of future study pathways and encouraged students to manage their time well.

Inter-school Athletics Competition Championships

Congratulations to Athletic Team for obtaining outstanding results including Overall First Runner-up on Girls’ Grade B and overall 9th in the Inter-School Athletics Competition Division 2 (Area 3).

An Art Exhibition - ‘Look! My Wheel Tells You a Story’

Our Visual Arts Department has been actively involved with the Jockey Club’s ‘Blue House Studio’ Cultural Heritage Education Programme. The Community Partnership Programmes series, called ‘Look! My Wheel Tells You a Story’ provides a platform for S5 Visual Arts students to voice concern at social change in Hong Kong.

First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony

Principal Cheung delivered an inspiring speech about courageous Liao Zhi, a dancer who lost both legs in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake to encourage students to be optimistic when facing difficulties. Students’ accomplishments in academic performance were recognized and appreciated.

Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation Training Programme: NSW HK Geo Wonders Hike

This year, to promote geological conservation, a number of activities have been held. For one thing, our ambassadors conducted a Geotour of Lai Chi Gong and subsequently revealed the characteristics of local geoparks in morning assembly.

Cultural Festival

Taking an active interest in the game booths set up by various departments, students could gain a deeper understanding of different cultures such as those of Japan, Brazil and Venice. The activities  included Chinese and western music performances.

Reading week

During a week full of reading activities, students took the opportunities to enhance their literacy skills and cultivate good reading habits. They participated in the book sharing sessions and book fair with zeal and devotion. Parents and teachers’ participation also encouraged the students to develop a love of reading.

Chinese New Year Activities

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Our school is celebrating the festival and following the traditions which include a Lunar New Year Fair, Fai Chun writing, festive food making and spring cleaning.

‘2016 The Best Policymaker Competition’

The Liberal Studies Activity Committee took part in ‘2016 The Best Policymaker Competition’ and won several awards including Second Runner-up, The Most Innovative Policy Award and The Most Gracious Award.

  18/11, 17/12 & 24/12/2016
Joint-school HKDSE Exam Skill Workshops

The Workshops organized by our History Department, Chinese History Department and other schools provided a platform for students to learn the examination skills.

JA Company Program

Every year, Hong Kong students develop products for the many fairs which take place around the city. This year, our students set up a small business called “Spirit” with the slogan, “Nostalgia & Innovation”.

‘Oh, what love’ Live Tour from Watoto

A concert “Oh, What Love?” was held in school hall, aiming to share the music and gospel from Watoto Children's Choir in Africa. All the teachers and students were impressed by the wonderful songs which reminded us of God’s great love and His faithfulness.

Christmas Celebrations

Teachers and students gathered together to create a beautiful and enlivened Christmas atmosphere on campus. Glorious and marvelous events including Christmas Service, show, party and performance attracted students to engage fully.

S1 Admission Briefing Session

The S1 Admission Briefing Session was enthusiastically attended by thousands of Primary students and their parents. The Principal, Ms Constance Cheung, and senior teachers introduced the school’s mission and vision, the academic and personal development of students and explained the admission process.

  7, 9/12/2016
The 49th Sports Day

Our Sports Day was filled with joy and excitement. Students fully developed their talents in sports. They not only strived for their best to win in the competitions, but also cheered for their teammates. They set new records because of their perseverance and hard work. Parents’ active participation was also highly appreciated.

S1 Drama Competition

Drama is an important component of our Language Arts Programme. Through drama, students learn to express themselves and build confidence in their communication skills.

S.1 & S.5 Parents’ Night

More than 120 parents joined the parents' night not only to understand more about the learning progress of S.1 and S.5 students and their preparations for the exams, but also to learn from Mr. Jacob Yu Kwok-kin, Training Director of Spiritual Stepping-Stone, who gave a talk entitled 'A win-win way to deal with parent-child conflicts'.

Gospel Week

During Gospel Week, teachers and students engaged in various evangelistic activities, including a hymn singing contest, teachers’ testimony sharing, gospel café and an evangelical service.

Inter-School Cross Country Competition

24 athletes took part in the Inter-School Cross Country Competition (Division 1). With tremendous commitment and determination, they completed the demanding race and broke their personal records. They come 11th. They all shone in the competition.

S3 Seminar on Choice of Subjects

The seminar was jointly organized by the school and the Parent-Teacher Association. Every effort was made to provide our S3 parents and students with the latest information about the NSS, selection criteria and different subject combinations.

Standard Chartered “Arts in the Park” Mardi Gras

Last weekend, we were delighted to participate in Hong Kong’s biggest themed puppet parade at which the students could develop skills in art, performance, team-building, leadership and self-confidence.

Hong Kong International A cappella Contest 2016

Our A cappella team competed in the finals of the Hong Kong International A cappella Contest 2016 held by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. This was a great learning experience for them to take their singing skills to the next level and boost their confidence on stage.

S2 Growth Camp

Kowloon City Baptist Church and our school co-organized a 2 day “Walk with God”  Growth Camp at Wu Kwa Sha Youth Village for our S2 girls. The students engaged in different activities, building bonds with their schoolmates.

S3 Study Trip – ‘Historical Figures and Events in Dongguan and Zhongshan’

Students had a memorable and meaningful trip to Dongguan and Zhongshan. They participated in the Mainland Exchange Programme “Passing on the Torch” National Education Activity Series organized by the Education Bureau. 

House Activity Day

The House Activity Day was a highlight of the House Celebrations. Different houses went to different destinations, including barbecues, a theme park, Growth Camp and even a study trip to Dongguan!

  8/11/2016 - 7/3/2017
Cheongsam Production Workshops

Tailoring classes for cheongsam production are offered separately for those students and alumni who are interested in traditional Chinese fashion culture. Two artists will teach the history of the traditional cheongsam and the skills needed to make one.

Celebration of the House Anniversary

In the ceremony, our Principal made an impassioned speech encouraging students to live by their house mottos. Ms Cheung introduced the school to the acronym, ‘CERT’ to remind students that House spirit is a bond of commitment among House members, Pooi To and our God.

Talk on School Selection for Pooi To Primary School

We wish to thank Ms Mandy Chan, Principal of Pooi To Primary School, for inviting around 300 Primary 4 to 6 students and their parents to attend the parents’ talk on school selection given by our Principal and Vice Principal.

The 23rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) cum Inauguration Ceremony

Parents could get a clear picture about courses offered by the universities and the admission policies. The event ended with a teacher-parent conference at which parents discussed with their daughters’ class teachers about their school life and studies.

Student Leaders’ Inauguration Ceremony

Officiating at the ceremony, the Principal Ms Cheung asked the student leaders to remember the words of Jesus,’ To serve, not to be served.” She told them they should lead by example and empower younger leaders to serve the school and their schoolmates.

Friendly relay race in Guangzhou

Our school was recently invited to take part in a 10x200 metre mixed relay race against Guangzhou No 7 Middle School (formerly Pooi To Girls’ school). With tremendous support from the stands, our girls produced an outstanding display of athleticism and emerged champions!

  6/10-8/10 & 13/10-15/10/2016
S1 Training Camp

Recently, our Form 1 girls went on an adventure training camp. Through team activities, such as bamboo raft building and backwoods cookery, they developed their communication and collaboration skills. The girls came away proud to have boldly faced these challenging tasks.

  9/9-10/9 & 23/9-24/9/2016
S4 Growth Camp

Recently, our S4 students attended a 2 day camp at Wu Kwa Sha Youth Village. It was organised by Kowloon City Baptist Church and our school to give the students an opportunity to learn more about themselves and set goals accordingly.

2016 Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering

It was a heartwarming reunion organized by our Alumni Association at School Campus. Alumni prepared a fun-filled evening with delicious food, games and riddles. They also shared their stories and school lives at PooiTo.

Opening Ceremony

A new school year has started. All teachers and students are welcome back to school! We started on 1st Sept with a service in which we praised our Lord and thanked Him for His love and mercy.

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