History Forum cum Answering Skills Workshop

More than 200 students and teachers from 18 schools participated in this workshop organized by History Department of our school. Students were grouped to discuss the sample answers of DSE History questions and teachers gave thorough explanation of the marking scheme. Students found it very fruitful and built confidence in History.

S.1 Orientation Week

This bridging programme guided by the student tutors enabled our newcomers to get a glimpse of the new learning mode, be familiar with Pooi To school life, establish relationships with their peers and equip themselves to face challenges that lie ahead of them.

Guangzhou Tour : Exploring our roots

A group of 24 teachers and student leaders had a journey to Guangzhou, where they spent three days learning about Pooi To’s history as well as the economic and social development of the city. Visiting to historical sites was also a memorable experience.

Gold Award in “Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation” Training Programme

With the exceptional performance in the programme, our S4 Geography Team got the Gold Award in “Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation” organized by NWS Holdings Limited.

Closing Ceremony

The school congregated to celebrate school year 2017/18 successfully brought to a close and, most importantly, give recognition to the students for their outstanding performance in academic studies, personal qualities and services. Our Principal, Ms Cheung delivered a speech of resilience with examples of 12 boys and a coach being trapped in a flooded Thai cave, and two inspirational people, Mr Yao Ming and Mr Freddie Ng, to inspire students to be determined when pursuing their dreams.

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education 2018

Our teachers and students made a determined effort to achieve a good result in HKDSE 2018. We are proud of their achievements and congratulate them on their success.

Historical and Cultural Study Tour to Dunhuang

On this wonderful adventure, students were exposed to the arts, culture, history, folklore and natural science of Dunhuang through workshops, site visits and research. They jumped at the chance to gain a view of Chinese culture and its ancient civilization, enrich their knowledge of this heritage and the role that China plays in the commercial and cultural exchanges along the Silk Road.

Study Tour to New Zealand

A total of 20 Pooi To girls embarked on a journey to Auckland, New Zealand. The two-week study tour enabled them to broaden their world-wide perspective through exploring the school life and the Maori culture of New Zealand. Visiting various famous tourist attractions, including the Sky Tower, Agrodome, the Auckland Museum and the Aquarium also allowed them to gain a deeper insight into the country. They really enjoyed staying with their host families, riding the Luge in Rotorua, snow-boarding and skiing in Snow Planet.

Taiwan Geology and Environmental Conservation Tour

Students on this tour had an illuminating time delving into geology and environmental conservation in Taiwan. They explored the natural ecosystems and took a field trip to learn how the landscape and rocks were formed. A visit to the Environmental Protection Bureau, Hualien County gave them a picture of Taiwan’s environmental policy. They were overjoyed to have taken such a wonderful and rewarding study trip.

History and Arts Cultural Tour of Japan

Students travelled from Fukuoka to Saga, Nagasak and Beppu, experiencing the traditions, cultures and artistic thinking of these places. It was an eye opening experience which enabled students to gain cultural knowledge and exposure, as well as building rich memories and friendship.

Post-exam Activities

More opportunities were created for students to learn and take the utmost benefits from learning in school. They had new learning experiences and have lots of fun by taking part in exhilarating and educational activities such as arts activities, sports events, day camp, school forums and talks as well as gospel and hymn singing.

Scout of the Year 2017 Award

Congratulations on a brilliant performance by our S4 student Moon Cho, who was made ‘Scout of the Year 2017’ in recognition of her great commitment to social services and significant contribution to the Scout Association.

The 54th Graduation Ceremony

This year’s graduation ceremony was a stirring celebration of the achievements of our S6 students. It was a time for family, teachers and schoolmates to get together to acknowledge their success before they enter the next phase of their lives. Our Guest of Honour, Professor Tsui Lap-chee, the president of Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong encouraged all graduates to extend their capabilities and pursue their interests.

S.3 Presentation on Choice of Electives & Parenting

The first item in the program informed those S3 parents attending about how to choose NSS electives. Following this was a talk by Dr Raymond Au, an associate professor in Counselling Studies at the China Graduate School of Theology, who spoke about the impact of the marital relationship on a child’s development and the important interactive roles of every family member in building a harmonious and supportive family.

Arts in Action 2018《The Year of Festival》

Arts in Action 2018, a unique part of our 130th anniversary celebrations, represented the culmination of ten months’ work by over 200 students. The various music groups, dance troupes and actors performed wonderfully, ably supported by the backstage teams. The Qipao Fashion Show was also widely praised by the honorable guests, parents, alumnae and friends.

Third place in Inter-school Badminton Competition (Division 3)

Congratulations! Our Badminton Team got Grade C third place in the inter-school Badminton Competition (Division 3) 2017/18. Being focused and persistent, the team performed well and achieved a desired result. Their efforts are highly appreciated.

JA Company Programme

Our S4 and S5 students participated in this programme to learn how to start and operate a business. The programme enabled the participants to express their entrepreneurship effectively through running an enterprise named Cohesion. Their booth was set up at a fair to promote products (mugs and postcards) to the public. The retail sales gave them the chance to practise their marketing skills in a real competitive market.

Inter-school Speaking Contest on Modern Chinese History

This knowledge-intensive competition offered a great opportunity for students to develop learner autonomy and explore modern Chinese history further. Apart from sharpening their speaking skills, all participants found it profitable to exchange and compare ideas with one another.

English Day and Cross-cultural Activity

Our English Day Fête was an elaborate affair held on a warm and sunny day. Junior form students competed fiercely to enhance their knowledge of British and other tea-drinking customs and etiquette before cashing in their winnings  for the tea drinking – and brownie eating – experience.

S2 Chinese Choral Speaking and Public Speaking Competition (Chinese Version Only)

With the aim of fostering and building self confidence in Chinese public speaking, students were trained to enhance their speaking skills through participating in the competition. They all enjoyed the learning process and gave wonderful performances.

Secondary School Experience Day for Primary 6

The Experience Day offered an opportunity for Primary 6 students from Pooi To Primary School to gain learning experience with our students. They showed much interest in S1 lessons and the lunchtime activity.

Overall 4th place in Inter-school Basketball Competition (Division 1)

Our Basketball Team achieved fourth place overall in Inter-school Basketball Competition (Division 1) and B Grade also got fourth place. All members of the team showcased their technical skills and teamwork in the competitions.

Hong Kong School Drama Festival

Having made a strenuous effort to produce a drama play Lending a Helping Hand on stage, our Drama Club finally won several awards in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival. The students wrote their own script and were involved in the whole drama production. Their performance was highly praised by the adjudicators and the audience.

The 32nd Swimming Gala

The day was filled with excitement and happiness. All swimmers exhibited their energy and enthusiasm for the games while the spectators sang and cheered to support their houses. We all enjoyed the brilliant performances as well as the awesome demonstrations of fin swimming.

S3 Inter-class History Project Presentation Contest

This is part of an English Cross-curricular Project which enables students to creatively share the fruits of their learning through English dramas. The themes of their plays magically came together chronologically according to the historical events, and that was where their history journey began.

Pooi To × Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition 2018 - Mini Qipao Making Workshop

Around 2,200 entries received this year showcased the artistic talents and bright ideas of the primary students in designing Qipao. The features of Qipao and the traditional Chinese arts and culture were integrated in their designs.

Family Tour to Beijing

It was a unique family travelling experience, enabling the participants to fully explore the glorious heritage and culture of Beijing, observe the magnificent Beijing Olympic sites, visit the renowned Tsinghua University, as well as Tsinghua High School and also attend the raising of the national flag at Tiananmen Square.

Gospel Trip to Macau

With the gospel in their hearts, teachers and students set out to share their love of God. Armed with God’s grace and strength, they shared bible verses and their personal stories of grace with non-believers at tourist attractions. Their experience was full of thankfulness and blessings.

Easter Service

The whole school celebrated the resurrection of our Saviour with prayers, bible reading, hymn singing and an inspiring message Dr Wong Oi-yan, Connie. Born with only three normal fingers, she worked extremely hard to pursue a career in music with tenacity and perseverance. With God’s love and abundant blessings, she has become a talented pianist. Her sharing motivated the students to trust in God and face adversity with optimism.

Youth Cultural Exchange Tour to Taiwan for an Experiential Project on Community Building

As a result of their efforts, three students, Ava Lau and Emily Poon of S5 and Moon Cho of S4 have won the chance to represent Hong Kong and join the “Youth Cultural Exchange Tour to Taiwan for an Experiential Project on Community Building” in this coming summer.

Alumni Homecoming Day

Homecoming Day was truly a joyful and memorable event for all the participants. Alumni from around the world got together to celebrate the 130th anniversary of their alma mater. They mingled with their teachers and schoolmates, and also reminisced about the interesting moments in their school life.

130th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

We gave thanks to God for His countless blessings to the fact that He has been with us, protecting us and guiding us for 130 years. We offered our thanks and praise wholeheartedly for His mercy through singing hymns and saying prayers. Principal Cheung gave an inspirational speech to demonstrate God’s presence, love and blessings in Pooi To while Dr. Philemon Choi Yuen-wan shared God’s grace on Pooi To since 1888.

130th Anniversary Celebration by Student Union

Principal, Ms Cheung, Vice Principal, Ms Wong and the Assistant Principal, Ms Chiao, hosted the Anniversary Lighting Ceremony. All teachers and students wrote their sincere wishes on the heart-shaped leaves which formed a four-leaf clover. The whole playground was filled with warmest thoughts and best wishes for the school.

130th Anniversary Opening Ceremony

The 130th Anniversary celebrations marked a milestone in Pooi To’s history. Mr. Kevin Yeung JP, Secretary for Education was invited to officiate at the Opening Ceremony, which was followed by a series of events to celebrate the school’s anniversary.

130th Anniversary Fun Fair

Students’ creativity and innovative ideas kindled the interest of visitors in all activities including the grand openings of the STEM Room and the Historic Culture Room, booth games, band shows, art workshops and an inter-school basketball competition.

First Term Prize Presentation

Awards were presented to all those outstanding students in recognition of their remarkable performance in academic studies, personal qualities and services. Principal Cheung made a passionate speech to motivate students to muster the courage to face adversity and fully utilize their talents and abilities to reach the goals.

Commencement of S5 Graduating Year

The Commencement of S5 Graduating Year was an important milestone which brought both excitement and challenges for S.5 students. Encouraged by Principal Cheung and teachers, the students set clear goals to strive for excellence. Two past students shared their effective study methods.

Chinese New Year Activities

To greet the coming Lunar New Year, parents, teachers and students shared the joy of this festive season. Booths were set up for all participants to have a taste of typical Chinese New Year foods, to write Fai Chun and to make handicrafts. Students also carried on the tradition of the annual spring clean. They worked together to clean the whole school campus thoroughly.

Reading Week

Parents, teachers and students joined hands to create a reading culture in school. In order to pursue knowledge and reading skills, students actively engaged in the activities including book sharing sessions and the book fair. Not only did the students develop a love of reading, but also share the joy of reading.

Movie Appreciation 《WONDER》

The activity organized by the PTA was well-received. The Principal, teachers, parents and their family members were deeply moved by the thought-provoking and heartwarming story. With the love and support of parents, a boy who has distorted facial features puts his best efforts in fitting in at a new school and inspiring others to admire their own beauty. Let’s continue to love each other and create a more harmonious and caring learning environment together.

Parents’ Talk

The guest speaker Dr. Wat Wai Ho, an experienced marriage and family therapist,  shared with parents the developmental needs of teenagers and challenges faced by parents nowadays as well as tips on maintaining effective communication between parents and teenagers. The talk was fruitful and inspiring.

Invitation to ‘130th Anniversary Opening Ceremony cum Fun Fair’

This year Pooi To is celebrating its 130th anniversary. The celebrations begin on Saturday 3rd March 2018 with ‘130th Anniversary Opening Ceremony cum Fun Fair’. Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, JP, Secretary for Education, has kindly consented to officiate at the ceremony. There will also be various activities. 
You are cordially invited to come and join us at this fantastic School Fun Fair!

Christmas Celebrations and Caroling

Recently, a jolly atmosphere brightened the campus and the community. Teachers and students immersed themselves in various festivities to celebrate the joy of Christmas. The Service, the Show and the Party brought Christmas cheer to all.

S.1 Inter-class Drama Competition

The Inter-class Drama Competition was a great success! Students had the opportunity to participate in an extended drama production and showcase their talents in acting. It was a remarkable learning experience, enabling students to build their confidence.

S1 Admission Briefing Session

Thousands of primary students and parents attended the S1 Admission Briefing Session. They heard from the principal, Ms Cheung, about our school’s mission and vision as well as our approach to the academic and personal development of the students.

Inspirational Speech by Climber Lai Chi-wai

Lai Chi-wai was a world-class climber at 24, but an accident totally changed his life. From his experience of being a world-class athlete to a paraplegic climbing Lion Rock in his wheelchair, Mr Lai inspired students to dare to dream and pursue their goals even in the face of many challenges.

The 50th Sport Day

Sports Day was full of excitement and vibrancy. Students showed great skill and determination participating in the athletic events. They challenged their personal best and broke previous records. Parents and teachers also competed in the obstacle racing event. The sports ground was filled with the sound of cheering and encouragement for the athletes.

The Hong Kong Award For Young People 2017

Miss Chan Shuk Kwan (Graduate of 2013) got the Gold Award in the Hong Kong Award For Young People 2017. The Award Presentation was held today in the Ballroom of Government House. She proudly received her award from the Chief Executive, Ms. Carrie Lam. Congratulations.

Inter-School History Forum

A total of 270 students from 20 schools participated in the History Forum not only to understand more about the answering techniques and the study strategies, talk on thorough explanation of study skills in the examination and the new marking criteria for the HKDSE 2018.

Gospel Week

The Gospel Week provides opportunity for students to thanksgiving and understand more about the salvation of God.  Teachers and students took part in varied evangelistic activities and “Hong Kong Gospel Festival 2017 – God’s love in Hong Kong” held in the Hong Kong Stadium. It is grateful that a total of 185 students decided to follow Jesus. May the blessings of the Lord be upon them and guide them in their paths.

Smart Parents Interview - From Vision to Legend

Our distinguishing characteristics featured in the interview include language policy, personal development, aesthetic development and preservation of cultural heritage.

Talk on choice of Electives

S.3 parents accompanied their daughters to attend the talk jointly organized by the School and PTA. During this event, our school principal and teachers introduced the 2018/19 NSS subjects as well as the school’s combination and criteria for the allocation of different elective subjects.

S.1 & S.2 Parents' Night

This event served as a strong platform for parent-school communication and collaboration with the participation of over 150 S.1-S.2 parents. They could understand more about the learning progress of S.1 and S.2 students and receive practical and valuable tips on how to help their daughters build good reading habits and adapt to psychological changes at adolescence as well as their new learning environment.

House Activity Day

Six Houses held different activities including outdoor activities, growth camp and a study trip to build relationships with peers and foster team spirit. Besides, it could also enhance teacher-student relationships. Both teachers and students actively engaged in those fun activities and strengthened their mutual understanding.

  9, 14-15/11/2017
Celebration of the House Anniversary

Six Houses held their celebrations for their House Anniversary cum Inauguration. In the ceremony, the Principal, Ms Cheung delivered a speech on “United we stand, divided we fall” to remind students the importance of unity. She encouraged them to support one another in order to reach success together.

Awards in iTeen Leadership Programme

Our Civic Education Team members got two awards including Best Partner Award and Gold Award in “2016/17 iTeen Leadership Programme for Senior Secondary School Students” organized by ICAC. Emma Lee and Hidy Mok were invited to share their learning experience gained from the programme at the ceremony.

Talk on School Selection for Pooi To Primary School

More than 300 Primary 5 to 6 students and parents attended this talk to get a better understanding of the mission and vision of our school. Firstly, Ms Mandy Chan, the Principal of Pooi To Primary School explained the process for Primary 1 Discretionary Places Admission. Then, our Principal and Assisting Principal Ms Chiao shared their tips on how parents can select the best school for their children.

Talk on School Selection for Alliance Primary School, Whampoa

Invited by Alliance Primary School, Whampoa, our principal introduced to Primary 4 to 6 parents the distinguished features of our school including vision and mission, curriculum, language policy, moral education and extra-curricular activities.

S6 Inter-class Friendly Competition

The dodge ball and rope skipping competitions ended with peals of laughter as S6 students showed     determination to do their best in the games. Each class also displayed unity and cooperation.

Alumni Sharing

At this event, students could learn about school life in the past at Pooi To from two alumni, Kwok Wai-lam (Sann House) who is now a producer and Kan Wai-see (Siu House), who is now a DJ. They reminisced about their years as students at Pooi To - their many memorable experiences and the relationships with their teachers that could never be replaced. 

Talk on School Selection for Farm Road Government Primary School

At the Primary 6 Parent Meeting held by Farm Road Government Primary School, our Principal and Ms Yuen King-shan gave the parents advice on school selection and admission requirements respectively. Afterwards, our S1 student who graduated from the primary school shared how she made a firm decision to enroll for our school and the joy of studying in Pooi To.

Inter-School Cross Country Competition

Our athletes strove to reach their personal best in the Inter-School Cross Country Competition 2017-2018 (Division 1). In the face of fierce competition, they attained a completely satisfactory result with a rank of 12. Let’s continue to do our best in Division 1 next year.

The 9th Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Election

Congratulations to Chloe Poon of S4 who won the Distinguished Student Award in the 9th Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Election.

Friendly Relay Race in Guangzhou

Our Athletic Team were invited in a friendly 10 X 200 m relay race held by Guangzhou No 7 Middle School (formerly Pooi To Girls’ School). Our girls demonstrated perseverance in the event, while the spectators cheered enthusiastically from the stands to support them. Congratulations to our Team for winning the Bronze medal!

Student Leaders’ Inauguration Ceremony

The new student leaders of Service Groups, Societies, Activity Committees and Class Committees were inducted on 20 Oct. The Principal acknowledged the commitment and contribution of the student leaders and encouraged them to look for positive qualities in their teams to create an environment of love, trust and mutual respect.

The PTA Inauguration Ceremony cum AGM and Gathering

Over 300 parents and teachers attended the PTA Inauguration Ceremony cum AGM. The principal expressed heartfelt gratitude to the 23rd executive committee members and welcomed upcoming 24th executive committee members led by Mr. James Chung. The highlight of the day was the teacher-parent gathering after the refreshments. It was certainly an enjoyable gathering for them to know more about their daughters and the challenges in school.

  12-14/10/2017 及19-21/10/2017
S.1 Training Camp

With the support of class teachers, social workers and instructors, S1 students participated in life training for 3 days and 2 nights. It was really a wonderful opportunity to build their confidence and resilience. Besides, they learnt the importance of discipline, courtesy, active listening and collaboration with peers through a series of team-building activities.

Joint School Docent Competition 2017

Congratulations to the S.5 students who participated in the ‘Joint School Docent Competition 2017’ held by Hong Kong Maritime Museum. They all demonstrated outstanding performance in presentation skills and a strong understanding of the history of Hong Kong. Aile Wong and Crystal Fung got the third prize of Top 10 Professional Docents and Top 10 Popular Docents respectively while other participating students got merits.

  15-16, 21-22/9/2017
S4 Growth Camp

Last month, Kowloon City Baptist Church and our Christian Education Committee held a 2-day camp for S4 at Wu Kwa Sha.  As well as practicing collaboration and team building through various activities such as “Hunting Friends” and” Checkpoint Games”, students also heard the Gospel.  They learnt to trust in God and rely on His strength through sermon, hymn and prayer.

Music Activity Promotion

The introduction to musical instruments classes provides an amusing and fun way for Secondary One students to build essential musical and instrumental skills. The programme kicked off with a mini music show performed by the School Choir, Percussion Band, Music Club, Wind Band and Pop Band to arouse their interest in various types of music and instruments.

Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 2017

Congratulations to S.6 Yolanda Chan and Amy Lau, who got outstanding performance in the Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 2017 held by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Building a Culture of Praise

Praising and supporting others is highly valued in Pooi To. A talk by ‘Praisage’ shared how to build a culture of appreciation and praise. Thereafter, students set their personal goals for the year. To strengthen their determination to reach these goals, they gave each other words of encouragement and support.

Opening Ceremony

The Principal gave an inspirational speech, entitled “From Vision to Legend” reminding us of God’s countless blessings and His grace over the past 130 years. The name “Pooi To” means ‘to foster the doctrines’ or spread the faith.  It encourages us to forge a legendary future by self-improvement and contributing to society.