S1 Orientation Week

Our Secondary One newcomers enjoyed the bridging programme in which they could meet new friends and explore a range of academic and co-curricular opportunities, and adapted to the new environment at Pooi To.

Closing Ceremony

Thank God for all the blessings throughout the entire school year. Prizes were awarded to those students who performed excellently in different areas.

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) 2016

We are proud to announce that 83% of Pooi To girls reached 3322+2 in HKDSE 2016.

Study Tour to Kansai in Japan

Students could understand how the Japanese respect for the natural world and lived in harmony with nature.

Singapore Science Study Tour

Students could learn about the science-popularization facilities and natural science landscapes in Singapore and understand the local water supply and urban planning.

Post-examination Activities

The activities added flair and student engagement to various aspects such as social issues, arts education and personal interests.

Hong Kong Teens Election 2016

Hong Kong Teens Election 2016 is organized by the Hong Kong Playground Association, Law Sin-ching has been selected as one of the 10 awardees of ‘2016 Hong Kong Outstanding Teens Award’ among 600 nominations.

New Zealand Study Tour

It was a great way for students to learn new things about different cultures and discover new interests.

Rice Dumpling for Community

The charitable event involved the joint effort of teachers and students who made rice dumplings for Community Chest and learnt the age-old skills of wrapping rice dumplings.

The 52nd Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony marked the achievements and efforts of our graduates. Our Guest of Honour, Professor Tony F Chan, the President of the HKUST shared many anecdotes of his life with our students.

S.6 Arts Design Graduation Exhibition

Variations of individual student’s artworks on the same theme were put together to form a unique masterpiece - Hero. 

Putonghua Activity Day
(Chinese version only)

Students took a great interest in Putonghua and seized the opportunity to enhance their ability to use the language.

Arts in Action 2016 mMamma Mia!n

Over 200 students performed in various shows including instrumental performance, Chinese dancing, A Cappella and English musical Mamma Mia!. The superb performance was impressive.

  3-5/5 & 10-11/5/2016
English Activities Week and English Festival

The activities around campus were held to make learning English fun and build students’ confidence in using English. 

Extended Learning Day

In order to broaden their horizons through learning outside the classroom, students planned and implemented their activities such as visits, and participated in activities organized by teachers like workshops and tours.

30th Swimming Gala

Our Swimming Gala was successfully held at Kowloon Tsai Park Swimming Pool. Both our competitors and cheering teams participated enthusiastically, showing their talent.

Spelling Bee Competition

S1 and S2 showed great interest and actively participated in the game which aimed to strengthen their students' spelling and pronunciation.

Series of <Old Hong Kong>

Through various activities, students could get a clear idea of Hong Kong people’s attitude towards social and family responsibility in the old days and reflect on their sense of responsibility.

Science Day

The science booths were set up to enhance students' understanding and knowledge of the experiments. They could also boost their creativity and arouse interest in science.

Film Appreciation

Pooi To girls watched The Taste of Youth with their parents and shared the reflections on the meanings of the pursuit of dreams and happiness.

S.3 1-Day Training Camp - Outdoor Experience Integration Programme

Through various outdoor activities, S.3A and S.3B students learnt to care more about the people with disabilities and help them integrate into the society.

Mini Qipao Making Workshop

Not only could students make mini qipao, but they also could know more about Chinese culture and participate in arts and cultural exchange.

‘Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation’ Training Programme

Our Geography students entered the final round of the above-captioned competition. They got the chance to join the Study Tour to Jeju Island in South Korea, in which they had a fruitful learning experience.

Alumni Homecoming Day

Hundreds of alumni came back for celebrating our school’s 128th anniversary.

128th Anniversary Celebration

The whole school gave thanks to God for leading and blessing us for the past 128 years at the Thanksgiving Service. We also released sky lanterns wishing everyone be blessed in the coming year.

Hong Kong-Kaiping-Jiangmen Historical and Cultural Exchange Programme

The programme gave an opportunity for students to explore the history and culture of China and Hong Kong.

First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony

Students were presented different awards in recognition of their outstanding academic performance and good learning attitude.

Commencement of S5 Graduating Year

The students were encouraged to get ready for the upcoming DSE and face challenges in the coming months.

The Student Exchange Programme

S.3 and S.4 students from Pui Ching Middle School and our school enrich their learning experiences through attending classes and activities.

S.1 Academic Cup

The competition aimed to encourage students to check their knowledge in various subjects, build the class spirit and this confidence their cooperative ability as a class.

Reading Week

The Reading Promotion Team organized various activities to arouse students’ interest in reading and cultivate the love of reading.

Hong Kong School Drama Festival

Our Drama Club made every effort to perform on stage and won the Adjudicators’ Award in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2015/16.

Joint-school Events for HKDSE

Through participating in the mock practice, students could get to know more about study tips and exam skills in order to boost their exam performance.

Spring Cleaning

Students took the opportunity to uphold the cultural tradition and share the responsibilities for cleaning the school.

Secondary School Experience Day for Primary 6

P6 students from our nominated school, Pooi To Primary School, experienced a one-day secondary school life with us.

Lunar New Year Fair

Teachers and students took part in various activities to celebrate Lunar New Year.

S1 Inter-Class Current Affairs Competition

The competition was held by PTA to raise students’ interest in social issues.

S3 Public Speaking Forum

Students were given an opportunity to share their views on different social issues in public in order to enhance their presentation skills and confidence.

‘Puppetry Dream Factory’ - Vegetarian Wolf

Students could learn more about Shadow Play. They also wrote their own script and performed the play.

Christmas Celebrations

A range of activities were held to celebrate Christmas.  Students could understand more about the love of God and share the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ with others.

S1 Admission Briefing Session

P6 parents and students learnt more about the school through talks, a campus tour, activities and chats with our students.

JA Company Program

Students were offered a great opportunity to experience entrepreneurship and realize the importance of teamwork.

S1 Drama Competition

Students could strengthen their English communication and presentation skills and enhance their creativity, confidence and teamwork through drama.

English Book Fair

Students showed interest in reading different types of books and were encouraged to develop a habit of reading.

S1-S2 Parents’ Night

Parents could learn more about their daughters’ personal growth, moral values and academic performance in school.

S3 Seminar on Choice of Subjects

S3 students and their parents could get to know more about the choice of electives and the school’s  selection criteria.

Hong Kong International A cappella Contest 2015

Our A cappella team had a marvelous performance in Hong Kong International A cappella Contest 2015 Final. All of them did make us proud.

Professional Development

Teachers from Guangzhou No.7 Middle School and Macau Pooi To Middle School and our school shared teaching experiences and strategies.

Admission Talk for Pooi To Primary School

Students and parents of Pooi To Primary School joined the Admission Talk to know more about the strategies for choosing a suitable secondary school.

S3 Study Trip – ‘Natural Landforms and Conservation in Zhaoqing’

Students learnt the culture and history of Zhaoqing and the importance of conserving the environment and treasuring natural resources.

S2 Growth Camp

Through activities and a Christian service, students could hold on to God’s word. His grace sustains us as we grow in trust and love for Him in their lives.

  3-5/11/2015 and 12/11/2015
House Celebration and Activity Day

Each House organized different activities to celebrate their birthdays.

S2 Inter-class Choral Speaking Competition

S2 Choral Speaking Competition is part of S2 Language Arts Programme which aims to build up students’ confidence in poetry reading and appreciation.

S1 Mathematics Fun Fair

Mathematics Society held a fun fair to arouse students’ interest in Mathematics. They were actively involved in the activities and treasured this opportunity to learn Mathematics.

Putonghua Activity Day

Various activities in Putonghua Activity Day were organized to encourage students to use Putonghua in school life.

Good Voice Good Show

12 S.2 students took part in ‘Good Voice Good Show’ organized by RTHK DAB 35. The competition could arouse their interest in reading and enhance their public speaking skills.


Inauguration Ceremony for Student Leaders

All the student leaders were inaugurated with the leaders of four major groups sharing their missions.


22nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) cum Inauguration Ceremony


Parents participated in the AGM followed by meetings with class teachers. We work closely together for the growth of their girls.


Friendship Invitation Relay Race


Athletes from Pooi To in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau joined a friendly relay in Guangzhou No. 7 Middle School (formerly Pooi To Girls’ School). 


8-10/10/2015 and 15-17/10/2015
S.1 Training Camp


Students learned to develop self-management skills and build self-confidence through adventure based activities. They demonstrated a strong class spirit.


7/10/2015 and 9/10/2015
The 48th Sports Day

      The 48th Sports Day was held successfully under unstable weather. We appreciate that students could demonstrate good sportsmanship. Well done!

Talk on Liberal Studies


Mr Kevin Lau Chun-to, former chief editor of Ming Pao, shared the importance of participating in civic movements.


Morning Assembly

      Our NET Mr. John Hone encouraged students to focus on their problems and give themselves the strength to change and adapt in order to be happier.

18-19/9/2015 and 25-26/9/2015
S4 Growth Camp

      Through activities and a Christian service, students was impressed by the Gospel message and learnt to set clear goals.

Music Activity Promotion

      A mini music show was held to arouse Secondary One students’ interest in music. Various types of music and instruments were introduced during the performance.

Opening Ceremony

      Ms. Cheung shared the theme of the year "Shine! we are gems of God". She encouraged students to develop personal qualities and unfold their potential.