Opening Ceremony
S.1 Orientation Day
Awards in ‘Hong Kong School Drama Festival’

The opening ceremony was held to kick off a new academic year. The school Principal welcomed all teachers and students back to school after the summer break. The day started with a prayer and this year’s theme hymn 《Love for Love》, which reminded us of God’s love and mercy. The principal delivered a speech the connection of school heritage and our country history at which she encouraged students to rely on God when facing challenges ahead and have meaningful learning experiences that might help understand our country and the world better.

  To help the new S1 students adapt to campus life, we organized an ‘S1 Orientation Activity’ and ‘Orientation Day for S1 Students and Parents’. All newcomers and their parents fully engaged in and benefited from the orientation activities, which will definitely pave the way for them to enjoy a joyous school life through learning, exploring and engaging together in the years to come.   Awards in ‘Hong Kong School Drama Festival’
Congratulations to our Drama Club for winning several prizes in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival. With a concerted effort to produce a drama play The Third Option, the team was presented with various awards including Outstanding Script, Outstanding Performer and Outstanding Audio-visual Effects. Besides taking these prizes, our students received the Adjudicators’ Award, which is the highest achievement in this Festival. Their accomplishments were greatly appreciated.
Heritage in Metaverse Scholar Leader Convention
Closing Ceremony
Arts in Action 2022
Heritage in Metaverse Scholar Leader Convention co-organised by the Hong Kong Educational Equipment Industry Association, Education Employees General Union and our school, is aimed at enhancing the use of technology in teaching and learning. More than 100 guests from education fields, political groups and IT fields witnessed the integration of technology innovation in education. Mr. Leung Wang Ching, BBS, JP, Under Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs, encouraged educators to expand students’ learning opportunities, enhance their knowledge of Chinese culture, and increase their competitiveness.   The school year ended with a closing ceremony, at which the school gave thanks to God for all the blessings we received throughout the academic year and celebrated the students’ remarkable academic and non-academic achievements. Our Principal, Ms Cheung, delivered a speech stimulating students to rely on God and uphold the spirit of staying positive and spreading love with examples of students’ success in this year’s HKDSE and various other activities despite the threat of the pandemic.   222 of our students performed 'Arts in Action' with an array of fantastic performances including the Pop Band, School Choir, String Quartet, Orchestra, Zheng Ensemble, Chinese Dance Club and Jazz Dance Club that created an exquisite atmosphere in the school hall. The musical 'Seussical' brought the show to a climax, demonstrating the students’ skills in music, dance and drama production. With a joint effort from the backstage teams, Arts in Action 2022 was highly successful.  
Awards in Inter-school BOCHK Tenpin Bowling Cup (2021 – 2022)
Closing Ceremony of ‘Peer Power – Student Gatekeeper Training Programme’
Family Talk on Information Security cum Campus Tour
Congratulations to our Bowling Team for winning the Girls Team Championship in the Inter-school BOCHK Tenpin Bowling Competition 2021-2022. In addition, Chang Sze Ching won the Girls Individual Event, while Tsang Man Wing, Chang Ho Ching and Poon Tze Lee got third, sixth and twelfth place respectively. With great technical skill and effort, the team achieved a resounding result.   Congratulations to our students on completing the training of ‘Peer Power – Student Gatekeeper Training Programme’ and promoting students' mental health over this academic year. More than 500 students from 26 secondary schools have been assigned as peer leaders. We thank Dr. Choi Yuk-lin, JP, Secretary for Education for presenting the certificates and recognizing our effort in organizing promotional activities on mental health in school. One of our peer leaders, Angel Lan, shared her experience, which motivated other students to build a culture of caring among peers.   Over 65 parents and students participated in the information security talks conducted by Mr Eric Moy, vice chairperson of the Professional Information Security Association and Sergeant Chong Yuen-man from the Kowloon City District Police Community Relations Office before walking around the school campus.  
HKDSE 2022
S.5 Fund-raising Activities
Learning Chinese History in the Metaverse

As a result of the conscious effort made by the teachers and the students, the overall result of the HKDSE is outstanding. The performance of our students demonstrates their industriousness and determination to their studies in the face of the pandemic. 80.0% of Pooi To girls have met the basic entrance requirements for admission to publicly funded undergraduate programmes (33222). The percentage of Level 4 or above in 11 subjects is above the Hong Kong average, and 100% of Geography students have reached Level 4 or above.


Taking part in charitable events enabled students to become caring citizens, strengthen relationships with teachers and enhance their sense of belonging at school. Each class organized their own activities including DIY crafts and a walkathon to raise money for the elderly to have the free use of the Care-on-Call Service provided by the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association.


We were honoured to have invited Mr Marco Wan, President of Hong Kong Educational Equipment Industry Association, Dr Yip Tak-ping, Senior Lecturer of School of Continuing and Professional Studies, CUHK, and Dr Corinna Siu, President of International Porcelain Artists & Teachers Inc. Asia Chapter, to conduct a lesson on ‘Learning Chinese History in the Metaverse’. Students jumped at the chance to learn about Chinese history and culture in the virtual learning environment and also appreciated porcelain painting, the China's intangible cultural heritage.

The Sixth ‘Pooi To Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition’ Prize Presentation
Alumni Sharing
Post-exam Activities

The presentation ceremony was held to recognize and reward the contestants for their successful efforts and outstanding products that they had made for the competition.  It was amazing to see that their impressive designs  maintained a good balance between the tradition of Qipao, aesthetics and this year’s school theme ‘Stay Positive•Spread Love’.


Experiences in studies and careers shared by alumni are precious learning resources outside the classroom for the current students. Two alumni, Annie Lo and Erika Hong, from the legal industry and the human resource management sector respectively, shared their views on furthering studies overseas and pursuing careers in mainland China with fellow students.


Students partook in an array of stress-relieving activities to unwind and stay healthy after the final exam. From developing their artistic talents to discovering new sports, they were engaged with productive learning activities throughout their post-examination period.

Flag-raising Ceremony in Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR
Pooi To × Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition 2021
Final Result of the ‘Pooi To × Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition 2021’

The whole school attended the flag-raising ceremony held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The national flag waving next to the regional flag of the HKSAR marked a milestone in the close cooperation between the People's Republic of China and the HKSAR, and also bore signs of affection for people in the mainland and a sense of belonging to the nation.


The sixth ‘Pooi To × Barbie Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition’ was successfully held to keep pursing the goal of sustaining the tradition of Qipao and promoting traditional Chinese arts and culture. The contestants created their designs with this year’s school theme ‘Stay Positive • Spread Love’ and their designs were gorgeously created to an exceptionally high standard.


The final judging of the competition was held today. The adjudicators, including our Principal, Vice-principals, the Department Head of Visual Arts, and the Department Head of Chinese History, were amazed by the spectacular designs of the qipaos and the artistic creativity of the young contestants.

‘To be a Self-directed Learner’ Short Video Competition
Embrace the Sunshine
Generous Donations of Masks and Antigen Test Kits from Alumnae

There was a fantastic number of entries for ‘To be a Self-directed Learner’ Short Video Competition organized by the Parent-Teacher Association. More than 140 parents and students shared the skills and knowledge they took the initiative to acquire during the special summer break through short videos submitted either individually or as a group.

  The sunflower is the symbol of Pooi To Positive Education. It symbolizes bravery and happiness, and that Pooi To girls should bravely pursue their happiness, embrace their unique charisma, and dare to love and dream. Positive Ambassadors gave out sunflowers and motivational cards drawn by Tina Pang of S4 to cheer up their teachers and schoolmates before the end of term.  

The donation of masks and antigen test kits from alumnae Miss Kwok Ling Lai, current LegCo member, (Graduate of 1996) and Lam So Wai (Graduate of 2005), was  gratefully received and has helped the whole school cope with the pandemic by reducing the risk of infection. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the generous and timely donations, which represent the alumnae’s love and care for their alma mater.

Girls Overall Championship & multiple awards in  the Inter-School Swimming Championships (Division 3)
Music Academy (Part 2)
Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities

Congratulations to our Swimming Team for winning the Girls Overall Championship and being crowned the champions in both Grade B and Grade C and also the runner-up in Grade A in the Inter-School Swimming Competition (Division 3). With single-minded determination and concerted efforts, all members of the team attained great achievements and enjoyed the fruits of their success.

  The entire campus was filled with harmonious and joyous music performed by our S.4 students. This was the first year the students took the courses on music and art under the Performing Arts Programme, in which they learnt vocal and musical instruments including choir chime, the ukulele and percussion instruments, and also received sound, lighting and stage production training. They were exuberant during their tremendously fruitful sharing on music learning.   The ‘Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities’, organised by Home Affairs Bureau and Youth Development Commission and  co-organised by The Hong Kong Award for Young People, provided a platform for students to boost their physical and mental well-being, adopt positive thinking, sense of collectivism and resilience in times of difficulties and build positive value and mentality during their growth and development by means of sports adventure, technology and Eco adventures.  
S.3 & S.4 Inter-form Debating Competition
The 58th Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Medley
Co-organized by the Chinese Language Department and Civic and Moral Education Committee, the inter-form debating competition offered an opportunity for students to sharpen their debating and critical thinking skills, and think in a more logical way through exploring a crucial current issue from different perspectives.  

This year’s graduation ceremony was a jubilant celebration of the accomplishments of our S6 students. Our Guest of Honour, Mr Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment, used ‘POOITO’ as an acronym of valuing the scarce resources on the Planet, stopping Ill-use of resources and adopting sustainable Transport in order to reach the goal of ‘A City of Three Zeros – O carbon,  O waste and O emissions. He encouraged all graduates to make more effort to explore and mobilize their strengths, talents and potential.

  Our Acapella Team sang a medley to celebrate the graduation of the Virtue House (2022). The S.6 graduates were heartened to listen to the songs which emboldened them to overcome any obstacles, strive for excellence and soar high with a spread of the wings. We would like to extend our best wishes to them for every success in their future endeavours.  
Geography Field Trip
Mindful Art Workshops
A Visit from the Gifted Education Section of the EDB Curriculum Development Institute
S4 Geography students went on a field trip to Caritas  Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Centre on Cheung Chau to study the woodland ecosystem, and at school read up on the urban climate with the application of virtual reality. They were thankful to learn about the topics in a systematic way, improve learning efficiency and also prepare for the public examination.  

Having participated in ‘Peer Power – Student Gatekeeper Training Programme’ launched by the EDB, our Student Growth Team and student gatekeepers organized a series of  activities to boost students’ self-confidence, stretch patience, learn to be focused and transform their stress and anxiety into a nice piece of art through scratch painting, herbarium and drawing.

  The curriculum development officers of the Gifted Education Section made an official visit to us and learnt about our school-based curriculum for gifted students. There was a lesson demonstration of our gifted programme, followed by a professional sharing on the goal and implementation of our practice in our school holistic gifted education.  
Future Stars – Upward Mobility Scholarship
Whole-school Resumption of Half-day Face-to-face Classes
Extended Learning Day
Congratulations to Charmaine Xiao and Angel Chen of S.5, and Tina Pang of S.4, who were presented with the Upward Mobility Scholarship in recognition of their positive attitude, resilience and persistence in the face of adversity and their diligence in prominent progress in academic performance and personal growth.  

It was exhilarating that classes resumed as planned. To ensure the safety of resuming classes, a series of precautionary measures have been adopted. Taking the 4-step anti-epidemic preventive measure and daily rapid antigen tests before school are compulsory. The installation of two ventilation fans could also help reduce the transmission of the virus in classrooms.

  Despite the activities held on the Extended Learning Day being conducted via zoom, students remained engaged in the theme-based activities such as field trips, environmental protection and vocational orientation, leadership training and self-challenge. They were thankful that the school had arranged a series of activities for them to explore various aspects of learning.  
The 134th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service
Awards in ‘Gifted Education Programme 2021: Maritime History and Curating Programme’
Commencement of S5 Graduating Year

The whole school thanked the Lord for the blessings He has bestowed upon Pooi To over the last 134 years. We praised the name of the Lord through recitation of the school prayer and hymn singing.


Congratulations to Ng Hoi Yan and Wang Ziyi of S5 on winning the Gold Award in the ‘Outstanding Exhibition Corner’ and the Bronze Award in the ‘Outstanding Research Paper’ in the ‘Gifted Education Programme 2021: Maritime History and Curating Programme and The Student Work Exhibition ‘organized by Hong Kong Maritime Museum and the EDB Gifted Education Fund.


To achieve the best results, the students set themselves clear goals and made plans for the public exam. The principal encouraged students to have perseverance when pursuing studies, while two past students shared tips on how to develop effective study techniques.

1-2/3 & 4/3/2022
Reading Week
The 134th Anniversary Celebration by the Student Union
Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2021-2022

Various reading activities helped students cultivate their love of reading. A book sharing by parents and teachers and book review competition were arranged for students to explore more about the world and develop their reading habits.

  On behalf of the fellow students, our Student Union, Apex, made a video online to express deep gratitude for all of the leadership and support provided by the school throughout the COVID-19 crisis.   Congratulations to our English Debate Team comprising of Necer Loo, Catherine Chan and Chloe Lee of S.5 for successfully advancing to the third round of the HKSSDC (Division I) on the motion ‘This house would require large tech companies to pay users for collecting their data’. The debaters are getting ready for the coming debate.  
JA Company Competition

Online Lessons

Chinese New Year Narcissus Bulb Planting Workshop
Congratulations to our S4 and S5 students’ own enterprise ‘Plus 852’ for winning the 1st runner-up in the ‘Most Popular Offering’ of the JA Company Programme, organized by the Junior Achievement Hong Kong. The products are three minifigures including Chan Cha Chan Ting Waiter, Shiu Mai Princess and Ice-cream Baby. Not only they are popular in Hong Kong, but also present the local cultural heritage.  

Online teaching and learning has started again in view of the severe epidemic in Hong Kong. Our students have attended the morning assembly, classes and extra-curricular activities with considerable enthusiasm in spite of the virtual learning environment. It is believed that they keep cultivating a positive learning attitude and stretch their abilities to the fullest.

  Our S.6 students attended the workshop held by the Chinese Language Department to learn the traditional craft of floristry and the symbolic meaning of narcissus. They hope their planted narcissus bulbs which are going to bloom for the Spring Festival bring good fortune, good luck and prosperity to everyone in the Year of the Tiger.  
Release of HKDSE Exam Category C: Other Language Subjects' Results

S1 Drama Performance


Congratulations on Winning the Ng Teng Fong Scholarship

Congratulations to Kit Chong of S.6 for getting an A grade with a merit in speaking for the November 2021 Series of the HKDSE Other Languages (Japanese) Examination. Her achievement boosted her confidence in the public examination and also encouraged her schoolmates to learn other foreign languages to explore the world and its different cultures.  

This year, each S1 student had the opportunity to play a role in the multi-award-winning musical Matilda. They learnt to express themselves and build confidence in their verbal and non-verbal communication skills through interpreting the characters in the play. Their magnificent performances were extremely impressive and praised by the adjudicators and the audience.


With her brilliant academic performance, outstanding behaviour and active participation in community services, Amy Wong of S.5 was presented with the Ng Teng Fong scholarship funded by the Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation. We congratulate Amy on her well-deserved success!


S1 Admission Briefing Session


Music Academy


S.3 Seminar on Choice of Electives


Thousands of primary students and parents gathered at the school hall and the auditorium to learn more about our school from different aspects including the vision and mission, curriculum, and academic and personal development of students. Followed by a question-and-answer session,
meeting with teachers during the campus tour enabled the participants to better understand our school and the student learning experience.


The entire campus was filled with harmonious and joyous music performed by our S.4 students. This was the first year the students took the courses on music under the Performing Arts Programme, in which they learnt vocal and instrumental music, and backstage production. They were exuberant during their tremendously fruitful sharing on music learning.


Provided with the latest information on NSS electives, election criteria and various subject combinations, the participating S.3 students, accompanied by their parents, gained a better understanding of the elective subjects which could surely assist them in making their subject selection choices that are truly interested in and competent with.


Gospel Week


A Merit in True Light Girls' Invitational Mathematics Contest


House Activity Day

Teachers and students engaged themselves in activities, ranging from a hymn singing contest to an evangelical service, to spread God’s love and learn more about His salvation. With God’ grace, over 200 students decided to follow Jesus during the Gospel Week. May God be with them all.  

Congratulations to Venus Tam of S4 for getting the Merit Award in the “True Light Girls' Invitational Mathematics Contest’’. Through preparation and practice, Venus further strengthened her ability to integrate and apply mathematical knowledge and skills. In addition, the achievement enabled her to indulge her passion for Maths.


House Activity Day was the high point of the House Celebrations. Six Houses organized various activities comprising visits to a theme park, growth day camp and leadership training camp. Students strengthened team spirit, built relationships with peers and developed their sense of belonging to the school when being involved in these shared activities.


2/11-4/11, 10/11-11/11/2021
Celebration of the House Anniversary


Parent Teacher Association Activities


The 13th Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Award

The House Anniversary cum Inauguration is a splendid occasion for students to build a community, strengthen an integral unity and create cohesion within each House. Six Houses held separate anniversary ceremonies, in which the Principal made a speech on ‘Striving for Greatness’ to motivate students to live out the name and the motto of each House.   The PTA committee members and volunteer parents enjoyed the exhilaration of the campus tour and the Chines Style Floral Arrangement Workshop. The PTA will take an active role in organizing different family fun activities and parents' sharing sessions. It is believed that parents can gain enthusiastic support while bringing up their children.   Congratulations to Angel Lan and Meko Tang of, who won the Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Award in the Junior Section and Senior Section respectively in the Outstanding Student Election. They proudly received their awards from Mr Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, JP, Secretary for Education.  

S1-S2 Parents’ Night & Talk on ‘Exploring Children’s Character Strengths’


Joint-school Hanfu and Etiquette Experiential Day


Student Leaders’ Inauguration Ceremony


This event served as a strong platform for parent-school communication and collaboration with the participation of over 115 parents. S1 parents learnt about study and exam strategies, while S2 parents received tips on consistent reading habits and how to manage emotions.


Our school organized an experiential day, in which teachers and students could learn to understand and appreciate the Chinese culture and the etiquette. Travelling back to a particular dynasty in Hanfu clothing stimulated them to uphold these traditions and values.


The newly appointed leaders of the Christian Fellowship, Prefects, Student Union and Academic Prefects made their vows to express their willingness to serve, and the principal, Ms Constance Cheung, delivered a speech to suggest the students develop their teamwork skills and uphold the school motto when leading the teams.


Talk on Traditional Chinese Etiquette


The 28th PTA Inauguration Ceremony cum Annual General Meeting & Gathering


Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition


Students seized the opportunity to learn more about interpersonal skills and intensify their understanding of the origins, features and meanings of the traditional Chinese etiquette at the talk delivered by Dr. Au Chi Kin, Assistant Professor of Department of History of Hong Kong Shu Yan University.


The Principal shared the school theme after the Chairperson and Vice-chairlady of the Parent-Teacher Association had presented the 2020/21 Annual Report. The Home-school Gathering and talk on admission policies and courses offered by the universities were conducted right after the meeting.


Congratulations to our debate team for their valour and participation. The debaters, Catherine Chan and Chloe Lee of S5 and Szdonna Cheng and Kaman Cheung of S4, were crowned champions of the captioned competition Grand Final after many rounds of matches in Division II.


National Day Flag Raising Ceremony


11 &18/9/2021
S4 Growth Day Camp


9-11 & 16-18/9/2021
S.1 Training Programme


A flag raising ceremony was held at school to celebrate China's National Day, which takes place on 1 October. The ceremony not only broadened students’ understanding of the nation but also enhanced their recognition of the country and boosted their sense of national identity.


The day camp provided an excellent opportunity for students to hone their communication and team building skills in a fun, supportive and positive environment. They also learnt the importance of walking with God and trusting in Him.


With a view to sharpening our S.1 girls’ self-management and problem-solving skills, and strengthening the unity among them, the Student Growth Team organized a 3-day training programme which offered them both individual challenges and group tasks.


Opening Ceremony


2021/2022 School Theme Song ‘Thank You, Jesus’


Awards in the Joint School Music Competition


The Principal, Ms Constance Cheung, spurred students to uphold the school theme ‘Stay Positive and Spread Love’ through the passionate attitudes and beliefs of the Olympic medalists, whose strong willpower and spirit of never giving up emboldened students to be positive, assiduous and achieve dreams without regrets.


Our school Orchestra plays the music which celebrates the faithfulness and goodness of the Lord, who will always be with us regardless of the circumstances that He places us on our pathway that He calls us to pursue, so we can have peace and move forwards with strength and courage.


Congratulations to our school music groups for winning gold, silver and bronze awards in the competition. With their golden voices and creativity, their remarkable performances touched the hearts of the adjudicators and the audience.