"Chinese Martial Arts and Sports Culture Communication" Workshop
S4 Media Education Workshop
Inter-school Basketball Competition Success
Our students attended the "Chinese Martial Arts and Sports Culture Communication" workshop organised by Shue Yan University and hosted by our alumnus Dr. Kamen Lee.   Life Planning Team organised a media education workshop for S4 students, which was co-organized by the Education Bureau and the Journalism Education Fund. Students got a chance to visit the TVB News Department and the Hong Kong News-Expo to understand the news production process.   Congratulations to S4 Kary Liu, S4 Angel Sze, S3 Akemi Chan and S5 Aster Chow on entering the Finals Round of the "Zurich Insurance Hong Kong Inter-school 3x3 Basketball Competition" which will be held on 3 July.
Parent-Daughter Wellness Workshop
Exemplary Results in ICG Indoor Cycling School Challenge
The Eighth ‘Pooi To Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition’ award presentation ceremony
Over 30 parents participated in the "Stress Relief Experience Workshop" and "Expressing Care through Gestures" event co-organized by the school and the school social workers. Along with their daughters, they shared the pressures they face in life and jointly created crystal eco-bottles.   Congratulations to Sharon Kan of S4, Angel Sze of S4, Hebe Lo of S3, and Christina Fung of S3 for clinching the Champion title in the "Girls' 4 on 4 Tournament" at the "ICG Indoor Cycling School Challenge Hong Kong". Additionally, Sharon Kan garnered the 2nd Runner-up position in the Girls' Singles event.   The award presentation ceremony for the 8th Pooi To Qipao Design (All Hong Kong Primary Schools) Invitation Competition was held successfully. This year's theme was "Bridging Cultures, Building Futures".
CIIF ‘Your Story, My Inspiration’ Community Series Project
Everest House Graduation Dinner 2024
S1 Student Yoyo Tam Enters Final Round of Science Fair 2023-24
The S4 students participated in the "Your Story, My Inspiration" community story series project sponsored by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF).   The Everest House graduation dinner was a joyous celebration filled with warm camaraderie. Proud teachers gathered, sharing laughter and cherished memories as the radiant graduates beamed with a sense of accomplishment. The air was abuzz with excitement, and tears of happiness flowed freely.   Congratulations to Yoyo Tam of S1 on entering the final round of the Hong Kong Science Fair 2023-24. She was able to showcase her product "Spine Protector Assistant" in the Hong Kong Science Fair, which was held from 8 to 9 June in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Crystal Chang Wins BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award 2023-2024 - Outstanding Athlete Award (Tenpin Bowling)
Volleyball Team Champions in Grade C Division 3
The 60th Graduation Ceremony
Congratulations to Crystal Chang Sze Ching of S5 on receiving the BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award 2023-2024 - Outstanding Athlete Award (Tenpin Bowling).   We are proud to announce that our Volleyball Team won the Championship in Grade C Division 3 in the Inter-school Volleyball Competition.   The Guest of Honour, Professor Alexander Ping-kong Wai, President of Hong Kong Baptist University, encouraged graduates to embrace technological advancements with a positive and proactive mindset, equipping themselves with diverse skills to face global challenges.
S3 Students Participated in "National Geography Learning Camp"
Award Recipients of the 2023/24 Kowloon City District Students Leap Forward Award Scheme
The 8th Pooi To Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition
Five S3 students participated in the "National Geography Learning Camp" organised by the Education Bureau. Through various learning methods, including lectures, visiting the solar energy facilities at Hong Kong Baptist University, and virtual reality, the students learned about the country's renewable energy.   Congratulations to the following students for receiving awards in the 2023/24 Kowloon City District Students Leap Forward Award Scheme.   Pooi To Middle School has a longstanding commitment to preserving and promoting qipao culture. This year marks the 8th instalment of our "Pooi To Qipao Design (Primary Section) Competition", which embraces the theme "Bridging Cultures, Building Futures".
Outstanding Performance in Time to Talk Speaking Competition
Inter-School Beach Volleyball Competition - Overall Girls' Champions (Division 3 - Junior Grade)
S3 Parents’ Night on the Choice of Subjects
Congratulations to our two victorious S3 teams who competed in the Time to Talk Speaking Competition organised by the EDB NET Section this afternoon. Both teams performed incredibly well to come 1st and 2nd place out of 14 teams!   Congratulations to our Volleyball Team for winning the overall Girls' Championship (Division 3 - Junior Grade) in the Inter-School Beach Volleyball Competition.   Over a hundred parents and students participated in the S3 Parents’ night on Choice of Subjects, where they learned about the latest arrangements for subject selection, including subject combinations and allocation mechanisms.
Champion at the Secondary School Group Ensemble (Singing) of the Hong Kong Joint School Music Competition
The Win-Win Path of the Belt and Road Initiative Seminar
National Security Education Learning Circle 2023/24 Open Classroom
Our A Capella Team won the Secondary School Group Ensemble (Singing) category at the 2024 Hong Kong Joint School Music Competition. We’re immensely proud of this remarkable achievement.   Our school invited alumna Ms Connie, Wai Ching, WONG, GBS, SBS, JP (Class of 1979 Man House), Committee member of The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the Deputy Director of The National Committee of the Chinese People’ Political Consultative Conference, to deliver a seminar titled "The Win-Win Path of the Belt and Road Initiative" to our S5 students.   Under the "National Security Education Learning Circle 2023/24" programme, the Education Bureau's Moral, Civic and National Education Section organised an open classroom sharing for teachers from various schools to observe.
BOC Hong Kong Inter-School Bowling Competition
City Forest Story Photography and Micro-video Competition (Secondary School Section)
English X History Mini-video Making Competition

We are proud to announce that our Bowling Team has won the championship in the Girls' Group event for the third consecutive year in the Inter-School Competition - BOCHK Hong Kong Bowling Cup, organised by the Hong Kong School Sports Federation.   Congratulations to Elva Kung of S3 for receiving the Certificate of Merit in the "Your Story in our Urban Forest" Photography and Short Video Contest (Secondary School Section) organised by the Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.   The S3 students enjoyed the final of our annual English X History Mini-video Making Competition. After showing the best WWI & WWII based 6-minute video from each S3 class, our judges, Mr Hoh and Mr Tai, along with Luana Hassel & Craig Robertson from the EDB, selected the winners of 6 different categories.
"We Are Family" Movie Appreciation Activity
LAC Fair (English Version Only)
Shine Tak Academy - Tea Culture graduation tea party
On International Labour Day, more than 130 teachers, students and parents participated in the "We Are Family" movie appreciation activity organised by the PTA, watching this touching and inspirational film at the Festival Grand Cinema.   The LaC Fair, in collaboration with the English Activities Committee (EAC), Geography Department, History Department, and Life & Society Department, was successfully held in the school hall today.   Our students recently participated in the ‘Shine Tak Academy - Chinese Tea Culture Heritage Programme’ organised by Shine Tak Foundation. A tea study tutor visited our school to conduct tea culture classes.
University Tour: Visit to the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Inter-house Volleyball Competition
Trunk Road T2 and Cha Kwo Ling Tunnel Community Liaison Centre visit
Our alumnae, who are currently studying at the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, served as tour guides and led students from Form 3 to Form 5 on a campus tour, sharing insights into university life and their experiences during the admission process.   Congratulations to the following teams on winning the Inter-house Volleyball Competition.   The Physics Department and Life Planning team organised a visit to the Kai Tak Community Liaison Centre of the Trunk Road T2 and Cha Kwo Ling Tunnel project for senior Physics students. This visit provided opportunities for students to learn more about one of the major infrastructure projects near their community.
Outstanding Performance in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2023/24
Visit of Alumna Ms Liz Kam
Arts in Action 2024
Congratulations to our Drama Club on their outstanding achievements in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2023/24! We are thrilled to announce that our club has been selected as one of the 42 exceptional school teams nominated by the adjudicators for a public performance.   In our school history visit, our alumna, Liz Kam (2006 Wai House), shared with us how our school nurtured her into a loving, responsible, and optimistic girl.   The curtain has fallen on ‘Arts in Action’ 2024, leaving behind a kaleidoscope of emotions, from joy to tears. The event was a testament to the power of creativity and expression, captivating the hearts of all who attended.
The 9th Hong Kong Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition 2024
Visit of Alumnae Principal Ko and Principal Wong
Visit to Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works
Congratulations to Chloe Yip of S4 on winning the Distinguished Artwork Award in the 9th Hong Kong Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition 2024!   We have the honour of inviting two esteemed alumni, Ms. Ko Tsui Ping Michelle (1989 Hok House) and Ms. Wong Kuen Heung (1997 Zeon House), to share their cherished memories of their alma mater, Pooi To. Ms. Ko is currently the principal of Kowloon Bay St. John The Baptist Catholic Primary School, while Ms. Wong serves as the principal of Ping Shek Estate Catholic Primary School.   The Chemistry Department and Life Planning team have organised a visit to Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works for senior form students studying Chemistry. Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works is the largest secondary sewage treatment work in Hong Kong.
Two Histories Lecture - Hong Kong’s Important Role in Modern Chinese History
S3 Geography Field Trip to Tai Po
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Awards 2024
We were pleased to invite Professor Joseph Ting Sun-pao, former Director of the Hong Kong Museum of History and current guest professor at several universities, to share his insights on “The Role and Contribution of Hong Kong in Modern Chinese History”.   The S3 Geography Field Trip to Tai Po was held on this day. Students had the opportunity to tour the Tai Po Industrial Estate, gaining insights into Hong Kong's industrial development and the government's support in this sector.   Congratulations to Tina Pang and Daisy Fan on winning the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Awards 2024.
4-day Cultural and Scenic Trip to Hangzhou by the PTA
Teachers Experience Innovative Development in Nansha
6th “Distinguished Master, Accomplished Students” Mentorship Program Kickoff Ceremony
Pooi To parents, girls and their relatives explored the essence of Hangzhou’s natural picturesque scenery and unique culture together with Principal Cheung, Ms Leung and Ms Bel Tse (Chairlady and Parent Manager), visiting famed historical landmarks, tasting a variety of authentic delicacies and understanding its contemporary development during the Easter holidays.   Our teachers embarked on a one-day "Nansha Exploratory Tour". First, we visited the GAC Group GAC Pavilion, which showcased GAC’s development history, independently developed powertrain technologies, pure electric platforms, battery and motor technologies, as well as digitised GAC projects. This visit allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of GAC’s achievements in automotive and technological innovation.   The 6th "Distinguished Master, Accomplished Students" Mentorship Program Kickoff Ceremony was held on this day, organised jointly by the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences, the Hong Kong Institution of Science, and the Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences.
Easter Service
ESD Learning Programme
"Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area City Exploration Tour" (2023/24) Student Mainland Exchange Program
Our school held its annual Easter Service on this day. We had a time of hymn worship and prayer. We were pleased to invite the director and pastor of Mong Kok Baptist Church to share a message with us.   The S5 students from the Civic and Social Development took part in the "ESD Learning Programme 2023/24" organised by the Hong Kong Association for UNESCO today.   Our S3 students had the opportunity to visit the City Planning Exhibition Center, innovative technology companies, and key schools in Mainland China. This allowed the students to gain a deep understanding of the history, culture, economy, and urban planning development of the cities in the Greater Bay Area.
Citizenship and Social Development Branch - Heyuan Environmental Conservation Mainland Study Tour
Extended Learning Days
JA Company Pop-up Venture
Our S5 students participated in a mainland field trip organised by the Civic and Moral Education Committee. The students visited Heyuan City in Guangdong to learn about the local Hakka culture, including appreciating traditional dances and Hakka food.   The Extended Learning Days were successfully completed. The learning activities were rich, allowing students to extend various learning areas at different levels, and expand other learning experiences through participation.   The students, under the guidance of our volunteer business advisor Mr. Dicky Tong, Ms Vanessa Wan and Mr. Herman Woo and our teacher Mr. Elton Lo, participated in the HSBC x JA Company Programme to establish and operate their own company, "FeelFlow."
Alumni Day
136th School Anniversary Thanksgiving Service
  4, 8-9/3/2024
Joint School Exchange Program with True Light Girls' College
Our Alumni Day was successfully held on 9th March 2024. Our alumnae returned to their alma mater for a reunion, rekindling the warm campus sentiments. This meaningful day was filled with the joy of our alumnae sharing their recent developments and reminiscing about their wonderful times at the school.   Our school celebrated its 136th anniversary with a Thanksgiving Service on this day. We had a time of hymn worship and were pleased to invite our alumna to share her experiences.   Our school and True Light Girls' College held a joint school exchange program. Nine S.3 students from each school attended classes at both schools. During this week, apart from classroom learning, we arranged a variety of enriching activities such as school tours, Chinese Cultural Day, and a friendly dodgeball match between teachers and students.
76th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival
Chinese Cultural Days
Battle of the Books Competition  (English version only)
Congratulations to our Choir for their outstanding performance in the Secondary School Choir Competition in the Foreign Language category at the 76th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. They received the Silver Award with 88 marks.   The Chinese History Department, History Department, and Student Learning Development Committee jointly organised Chinese Cultural Days.   A friendly Battle of the Books competition was held with students from our school, AD&FD POHL Leung Sing Tak College, and SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School. The students from the three schools were mixed up to help polish their communication and socialising skills.
Outstanding Students Awards in Kowloon City 2023-2024
Inter-school Basketball Competition (Division 1) B Grade
First Term Academic Award Presentation
We are thrilled to announce that Angel Choi (S3) has won the Outstanding Junior Secondary Student Award, and Bonnie Chan (S5) has received the Senior Secondary Student Merit Award in the 2023-2024 Hong Kong Outstanding Students Awards in Kowloon City.   We are thrilled to announce that our Basketball Team has achieved the Second Runner-up position in the Inter-school Basketball Competition (Division 1) Girls B Grade. Their exceptional skills, hard work, and dedication on the court have led to this outstanding performance. We greatly appreciate their efforts.   Congratulations to the awardees for their outstanding academic achievements during the First Term. We appreciate their hard work and dedication throughout the first term. We hope students can keep up the good work.
S3 Career Board Display Competition 2023-24
Singapore Math Challenge 2023
Chinese History Competitions
The S3 Career Board Display Competition 2023-24, jointly organised by the Life Planning Committee and English Department, has been successfully completed. This year’s topic was STEM jobs. Students explored the jobs they were interested in and their wonderful work was displayed on boards or in 3D models.   Our students have made us proud with their stellar performance in the Singapore Math Challenge 2023. They bagged a total of 11 awards, including 1 gold award, 4 silver awards, and 6 bronze awards.   All students deserve applause for their excellent performance in various Chinese History competitions! They showcased the fruits of their learning and their outstanding abilities.
60th Schools Dance Festival (Chinese Dance Team)
Lunar New Year Celebration and Campus Cleaning Day
Joyful Participation in the 'Spring Carnival' at Yau Ma Tei Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road)
Our Chinese Dance Team deserves hearty congratulations for their exceptional performance in the group dance category at the 60th Schools Dance Festival. Their captivating dance, titled ‘Morning Worship (Tibetan)’, clinched the Highly Commended Award.   In the Lunar New Year Celebration event this year, teachers, students, and parents all participated enthusiastically, and the stalls were bustling with activity.   We were invited to participate in the 'Spring Carnival' at Yau Ma Tei Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road). We had a joyful time with the teachers, students, and parents, celebrating the New Year together.
Remarkable Victory in the ICAC Running Gala
60th Schools Dance Festival (Chinese Dance Team)
75th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (2023) - Prize-winners’ recital
Congratulations to the Athletic Team for their remarkable victory in the 'Running Gala' organised by ICAC. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to S3 Christina Fung for claiming the championship, and to S2 Karina Chan for getting the 2nd Runner-up.   Congratulations to our Chinese Dance Team for their outstanding performance in the trio dance category at the 60th Schools Dance Festival. Their dance, titled ‘Ripples’, won the ‘Highly Commended Award’.   S2 students Hazel Luen and Queenie Huang had previously won the championship in the Cantonese duologue at the 75th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. They were invited by the organiser to attend the Prize-winners' Recital at Hong Kong Baptist University.
60th Schools Dance Festival
"Chinese Martial Arts and Sports Culture Communication" results presentation
Manners Stars Prize Presentation Ceremony
Congratulations to the Dance Team members for winning a Highly Commended Award in the 60th Schools Dance Festival. We thank Ms. Jenny Lui for choreographing the dance “The World Will Live As One'.   Our supervisor Dr. Lee Shu-kam, our Principal Ms Cheung, Ms Chan, and a number of students attended the "Chinese Martial Arts and Sports Culture Communication" results presentation.   At our school, we prioritise the education of students' manners and etiquette. The following students have been elected by their classmates for their outstanding display of good manners.
Second FinTech Lesson
"Green Schools 2.0 - Energy Smart" Programme
Tea Shop Visit and Tea Ceremony
The second FinTech lesson was held in Pooi To, where students from three schools, namely Ying Wa Girls' School, Wong Tai Shan Memorial College, and our school, gathered to learn about financial planning and managing cash flow in life.   Under the "Green Schools 2.0 - Energy Smart" Programme, our school has recently installed a solar energy generation system.   Tea is an important part of traditional Chinese culture, and the practice of ‘serving tea to guests’ is a representation of Chinese civilization and etiquette. To allow students to understand and embody Chinese culture, the Chinese language teachers and students participated in a tea shop visit and a tea ceremony.
Chinese Cultural Activity: Chinese Sacred Lily
Visit of Alumna Ms Angela Ng
Visit of our former Principal, Vice Principal and Assistant Principal
S6 students were engaged in a cultural learning activity about Chinese Sacred Lily. They learned about the cultural significance of it in both Eastern and Western contexts, and learned how to cut the flower bulbs to welcome the New Year.   We extend a warm welcome to alumna Ms. Angela Ng Yee Tak 吳懿德校友 (?社 1970), her husband, and 周的兒校友 (晨社1967) as they returned to Pooi To, allowing us to reminisce about the enlightening years and cherished memories spent here.   We are delighted to be visited by our former Principal, Ms. Tsang Enian, our former Vice Principal, Ms. Lau Lai-chun, and our former Assistant Principal, Ms. Chiu Mo-yee. This is the best New Year's gift for 2024. They have been influential leaders in guiding Pooi To to significant milestones.
Participation in RTHK ‘Open Space’ Program
Christmas Service and Student Union Christmas Show
Christmas Carolling Performance and Pop Bands Lunchtime Concert
Our students Diva, Dewanna, Kara, and Emmy participated in RTHK's ‘Open Space’ program, discussing the impact of social media. Tune in using the following link to catch their insightful talk!   The Christmas Service, followed by the Christmas Show, was successfully held. The Hall was filled with joy and laughter from the teachers and students. The performance was fantastic and amazing.   Beautiful music emanated around the campus. On 19th December, Our school choir and acapella team, together with the school orchestra spread a cheerful holiday vibe at The Open Playground with a Christmas carolling performance.
Fintech in Secondary Schools (Collaboration Program with PSHE KLA)
Inter-school Volleyball Competition
S.6 Everest House Sharing of School Life
This year, we are joining Wong Tai Shan Memorial College and Ying Wa Girls' School and participating in 4 Saturday courses and 1 visit to a start-up company to help students understand the current economic and financial technology development in China and Hong Kong, and to enhance students' awareness on the importance of economic security under National Security Law.   Congratulations to our Volleyball Team for winning the second runner-up in Grade A of the Inter-school Volleyball Competition (Division 3).   Everest House students, with heavy hearts, reminisced about their time spent in what they fondly call their second home. They expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support and guidance from their teachers.
S5 Geography Field Trip
Ng Teng Fong Scholarship 2023
135th Anniversary Opening Celebration of Guangzhou No.7 Middle School
The S.5 Geography field trip visited Luk Keng and Bride’s Pool for their field trip this year. They studied the rural land use of Luk Keng and the natural landforms like the waterfall in Bride's Pool.   Congratulations to Li Yan Yan for receiving the Ng Teng Fong Scholarship 2023 with her good conduct and academic achievement.   Our principal, Vice Principal Mr. Wong Man Yam and Ms Chan Ying Ying, together with four student ambassadors attended the 135th Anniversary Opening Celebration of Guangzhou No.7 Middle School (formerly known as Pooi To Girls’ Middle School in Guangzhou).
S.1 Admission Briefing Session
S.6 Rope Skipping and Dodgeball Competition
S1 Drama Performance  (English version only)
The S.1 Admission Briefing Session was successfully held on 9th December. More than 1000 guests came to understand more about our school’s mission and characteristics, as well as the admission criteria and S.1 interview details. Moreover, our students' impressive dramatic monologue performance and acapella music won a big round of applause from the audience.   S.6 rope skipping and dodge ball competition was successfully held last Friday and was full of fun and laughter. Teachers joined with students to enjoy the games that gave them support and love. What a fantastic and relaxing activity for S.6 students (Everest House) to relieve stress and make fun with classmates.   Our S.1 girls showcased their creativity and performing skills in the Drama Performance. Through their amazing performance of an adapted version of the popular novel Matilda, students unleashed their imagination with their wonderful props and their own costume choices, as well as learning to express themselves through the dramatic dialogues and their non-verbal acting skills.
S4-S5 Music Academy Sharing
Excellent Performance in Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (Cantonese Choral Prose Speaking)
Alumni Association Christmas Wreath Workshop
We focus on the aesthetic development of students. Each S.4 student is required to take weekly music/art lessons to learn an instrument, such as handchimes, strings, percussion, ukulele, harp, etc., or skills such as vocal, lighting, backstage, etc.   In the 75th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (Cantonese Choral Prose Speaking), our S3 girls gave an outstanding performance. They were fully engaged and received praise from the judges, winning first place.   Christmas is approaching, a Christmas wreath workshop held by our Alumni Association was filled with a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Not only did we see the creativity and talents of our alumni, but also we appreciated the enthusiasm and support among the alumni. We look forward to more alumni gathering activities in the future.
Exemplar Results in the Inter-School Cross Country Competition 2023/24
Gospel Week
Mental Health Day morning assembly
Please join us in sharing the joy of the Athletic Team for winning the Girls Overall Champion in the Inter-school Cross-country Competition (Division 2) 2023/24. Congratulations.   The Gospel and Thanksgiving Week, which took place from 27th November to 1st December, was successfully completed. Students were able to know our Lord Jesus through various gospel activities, and decide to follow Him.   The central theme of the 27th November 2023 morning assembly was the Mental Health Day, the Christian Education Committee and the Positive Education Team jointly promoted God's message and a grateful attitude.
S.3 Seminar on Choice of Electives
IET Faraday Challenge 2023
Online Exchange with Guangzhou No.7 Middle School
Due to the great significance of the elective choice decision on students’ future development, S3 parents accompanied their daughters to attend the captioned seminar jointly organised by the school and the Parent-Teacher Association. With detailed explanations by Principal Cheung and teachers, the parents and students were provided with practical advice on how to make informed choices.   Congratulations to Bella Siu, Helen Lam, Jesse Yeung, Jovy Lam, Cherise Tai and Yoyo Tam of S1 for getting the Special Mention Award in the 'IET Faraday Challenge 2023' organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.   Students from our school and our sister school, Guangzhou No.7 Middle School (formerly Pooi To School), had an online exchange for one hour as part of the 135th anniversary celebrations of both schools. The event was attended by Principal Li and Secretary He from No.7 Middle School, Principal Cheung from our school, and teachers and students.
Alumnae Interview
S4 Geography Field Trip
Joint-School Chinese History DSE Paper Assessment Workshop
We wish to express our profound gratitude to our five alumnae from Cing House (1975), who graciously agreed to participate in an interview for our forthcoming publication. They generously shared about their experiences at Pooi To, and the profound impact it has had on their professional career and personal lives. Their contributions will undoubtedly enrich our book and provide valuable perspectives for our readers.   The S4 Geography field trip was successfully held in Cheung Chau. A total of 47 students studying geography participated in the three-day camp, exploring and researching the island's weather, and natural features like the coastline, and the rivers firsthand. The field trip not only provided theoretical knowledge learning but also allowed students to deeply understand the mysteries of natural phenomena through on-site investigations.   In order to enhance our students’ understanding of the assessment criteria for the DSE Chinese History paper, and their strategies and confidence in dealing with public examinations, a joint-school workshop was held in our school allowing students to exchange ideas with peers from different schools. Participating schools (arranged in alphabetical order): Liu Po Shan Memorial College Pooi To Middle School Pui Ching Middle School Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College.
The Leadership and Character Enhancement Programme 2023
House Activity Day
S1 & S2 Parents' Night and Talk on 'National Security Law'
Our students, Fayette So, Bonnie Chan and Coco Chong, together with students from 48 schools joined the Leadership and Character Enhancement Programme organised by HKBU. The 4-day programme aims to enhance students’ leadership skills in event planning and execution, nurture them with righteous values and equip them with knowledge and skills for team management. Fayettte was invited to share her learning experience in the programme in the closing ceremony.   Our House Activity Day is a unique opportunity for students to participate in team-building activities, fostering bonds of friendship and mutual assistance outside the traditional classroom setting. The shared experiences during these outings can strengthen these bonds, promote healthy competition, and create lasting memories, contributing to a more comprehensive educational experience.   This event served as a strong platform for parent-school communication and collaboration with the participation of over 150 parents, who not only understood our academic requirements and their daughters’ progress, but also gained an insight to help their daughters prepare the upcoming exams, cultivate reading habits and emotionally support them. The participating parents benefited greatly from the talk delivered by the solicitor, Mr. Hess Chan.
House Inauguration and Celebration Ceremonies
Visit to the School of Chinese Medicine at HKU
Visit of Alumna Ms Joyce Wong
The inauguration ceremonies of our houses were held in November 2023. The newly appointed committee members were acknowledged for their dedication towards the upcoming academic year. Ms. Cheung, our Principal, delivered an inspiring speech, encouraging students to embody their house names and mottos, pursue excellence, and unlock their potential.   Led by the Life Planning Committee and Biology Department, students studying Biology visited the School of Chinese Medicine at the University of Hong Kong to learn about the Bachelor Degree of Chinese Medicine programme. Through a number of acupuncture and therapy demonstrations, students gained a deeper understanding of the learning environment, and the prospects offered by the programme.   We are delighted to be visited by our alumna, Joyce Wong, of Zung House. She shared with us how her life in Pooi To has shaped her career and helped her develop a positive attitude toward life.
English Joint School Oral Practice
Staff Development - TEA+ Motivation workshop
8th Fuzi Cup Final

The English joint school oral practice, held in partnership with Holy Family Canossian College, was a resounding success. Students from both schools enthusiastically engaged in group discussions, demonstrating their commitment to improving their oral skills.

  The TEA+ Motivation workshop was held for teachers to understand the tea culture and participate in the tea ceremony. During the process, they learned how to collaborate, support each other, and experience the harmonious atmosphere brought by the tea ceremony.  

Our school co-organized the 8th Fuzi Cup Speech Contest with the Fuzi Chamber. Charlotte Lau, Winnie Chong, and Amber Yin served as the emcee and Pooi To Ambassadors in the final round. They demonstrated their quick wit and speaking skills, and were confident and calm throughout the event. It was an unforgettable experience for them.

Action Rocket - Make Dreams Come True
Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong Workshop on Kimono and Etiquette
The 34th Swimming Gala
With the support of the Hong Kong Educational Equipment Industry Association and in collaboration with Pooi To Middle School, the "Action Rocket" project gradually guides students from over a dozen schools through the process of learning to code, crafting rocket models by hand, and eventually participating in a tour to Jiuquan to observe firsthand the launch of our nation's satellite-carrying rockets.   To echo the school theme of this year "Bridging cultures, building futures", students and teachers participated in "Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong” organised by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong.  

After a four-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the annual Swimming Gala returned and was held at the Kwun Tong Swimming Pool, marking a first ever indoor venue for our school. The venue was filled with a joyful and energetic atmosphere. Our swimmers gave their best efforts to compete for their respective houses The competitions aimed at fostering team spirit, making it thrilling and enjoyable to watch.

The Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders
8th Fuzi Cup Speech Contest
Legislative Council Tour
The Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders was successfully held on the 19th of October, 2023. The newly appointed Chairlady of the Student Union, Chairlady of Fellowship, Head Prefect, and Academic Head Prefect shared their visions and introduced their members and year plans to the students.   This year, for the first time, we cooperated with the Fuzi Chamber to jointly organise the “8th Fuzi Cup Speech Contest”. With more than 200 students participating, Pooi To Ambassadors warmly welcomed the guests, and the masters of ceremony demonstrated impressive proficiency in multiple languages.   Student leaders from S3-S6 visited the Legislative Council (LegCo) on 12 Oct.  We thank Mr Leung Tsz Wing, a Legislative Council member, for offering us a tour. This tour allows us to understand more about the history of the LegCo, the architecture of the complex, the election system, and prerequisites of becoming a member of the LegCo.
The 30th PTA Inauguration Ceremony cum Annual General Meeting & Gathering
Interview of alumnae and LegCo member, Ms Kwok Ling Lai
Inter-school Swimming Competition

Typhoon Koinu didn't stop our 150 enthusiastic parents from participating in this grand annual event, bringing teachers and parents together as collaborators. The Home-school Gathering, which provides a platform for parents and teachers to communicate regarding students’ learning performance, and a talk on admission policies and courses offered by the universities were also conducted right after the meeting.

  Our alumna, Ms Kwok Ling Lai (Saan House), a current LegCo member, for accepting our invitation for an interview about her life at Pooi To and how it affected her future and aspirations. Her story is truly inspiring. We extend our heartfelt thanks for her willingness to share her experiences with us.  

Congratulations to our Swimming Team, who won first runner-up in the Girls Overall category at the Inter-school Swimming Competition (Division 3) held at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool.

NET Lesson on School History
Pooi To Alumni Association Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering
  18 & 20/9/2023
The 54th Sports Day
The S3 students had their second NET lesson in the School History Museum, which allowed them to delve deeper into the school's history. They watched a video showcasing the milestones of the school and had the opportunity to explore the museum exhibits.   Pooi To Alumni Association held a gathering in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Around 50 alumni participated in the event, during which they thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about the good old times at Pooi To. We are looking forward to participating in the next event soon.   The much-anticipated Sports Days were greeted by beautiful weather and ample sunshine. The students were eager and enthusiastic, ready to showcase their exceptional athletic prowess and team spirit. The stadium was filled with cheers and applause as students performed their best throughout the action-packed days of track and field events.
14-16 & 21-23/9/2023
S.1 Training Camp
Bronze Award in Cai Yue Bei Hong Kong Professional Zheng Ensemble
Opening Ceremony
The 2-day-1-night camp thoughtfully arranged for S1 students by the Student Growth Team offered both individual challenges and group tasks. With the help of the instructors from Bradbury Camp, they gained insightful experiences through accomplishing a wide range of challenging adventure activities including rope-climbing, navigating a rope course, rafting and outdoor cooking with their peers, fostering teamwork and holistic development among them.   Congratulations to our Guzheng Ensemble on winning the Bronze Award in Cai Yue Bei Hong Kong Professional Zheng Ensemble. Bravo !!



The commencement of the new academic year proceeded seamlessly despite the setback caused by the impact of Super Typhoon Saola.The opening ceremony began with Mandy Yeung and Uecy Chan, this year's high achievers in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination, presenting an informative session to their fellow schoolmates. They shared valuable tips, tricks, and effective study methods.